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Have you ever picked up a character trait... from your pet?

Asked by mrentropy (17188points) August 17th, 2010

It’s not surprising to find out that you’ve picked up a facial tick from your significant other, or certain words and phrases from your close friends. But have you ever picked something up from a pet?

I noticed this morning that I was hopping up and down on one foot, slightly. I thought it was an odd thing to do but I know who I got it from. I’ve also gotten into the habit of making “smooching” noises and clicks and whistles.

Am I crazy or are there other people out there that this happens to?

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I don’t know who’s trait it is. But, I am as crazy as my dog. ;-)

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From my dog: Licking my own crotch At the faintest noise from outdoors – I will run to the front window to see if someone is here.

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I now jump on top of the counters,thanks to my cat ;)

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Now I don’t feel all that weird.

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@mrentropy -I also bit the mailman—tastes like chicken—;)

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I don’t know if this counts… but I meow. In response to them, of course. We have long conversations.

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I lick my bal… I can’t lie. If only though, what fun!!! In private of course :¬)

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As the author points out in this beautiful piece about the death of a beloved dog, we humans get to see our strengths and our frailties in our pets, and we’re better for it.

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@lucillelucillelucille I would like to see that. Both of them.
@TheOnlyNeffie I’ll argue with my cats, but I don’t meow at them. That would probably be the last straw for my downstairs neighbors.

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Yes, I run with flapping arms along with my geese when I let them out of their corral to wander up on my lawn on the hill.

If I am ahead of them I start flapping and the flock follows suit, we all semi-fly up to to ” where it’s sooo nice! ” lolol

Sometimes I am wearigfmy fluffy white gypsy skirt and my orange sandles…it really makes me feel like one of them! lololol

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I pick the crudizies from my dogs eyes.

Only because he has no thumbs. I mean I am not his bitch.

Ok, i’m his bitch.

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@Coloma That sounds like “The Sound of Music”

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hahaha, well..not quite, maybe more like Pippy Longstockings, wacky bohemian chick in pigtails that dances with geese! lol

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Greed, devouring of food!

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lmao…........ @ucme !

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@BoBo1946 On a related topic. Have you ever noticed when a dog farts. They actually look around as if blaming everyone around but themselves. Acting all startled & innocent. It surely is a dog’s life :¬D

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That is so true. And, when you fart, they can’t wait to sniff it.

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Particularly after a curry.

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What a great question. I’ve often wondered this myself because you see so many people that look like their dogs when out at the parks.
I personally have not picked up any traits from either of my two dogs or my cat however I do often mimic them, does that count?

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Why is it that every time the grossness arises I am already woozy from lack of breakfast and nursing a moderate champagne hangover.

Did you know that champagne and organic strawberry lemonade makes a fine cocktail? haha

There MUST be some lesson here, there must!

It bugs the crap outta me, ( no pun intended ) when my cats follow me into the bathroom and sit on the tub like an audience during the morning constitution.


Now THAT was a pun! lolol

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champagne and organic strawberry lemonade

Party at @Coloma ‘s house. I will bring the rubber ducky!

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It was soooo GOOD!

The local winery-microbrewery makes this. Goldhill vineyards.

It is so pure and light you can drink a bottle and a half and have very little of a hangover, providing you have dinner first! hahahaha

Cool..I have rubber squirty fish and turbo squirt guns! lol

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A friend gave me a kitten that turned out to be mute. She’d open her mouth and look like she was meowing, but no noise ever came out. A few years later, I developed an ear dysfunction that led to the habit of constantly having to alleviate the pressure. While I didn’t pick up the habit from the cat, it looked and sounded the same, meaning no noise. Friends would laugh at the two of us. One even said that we looked like a pair of fish out of water.

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@judochop I reckon that would count.
@Pied_Pfeffer One of my cats rarely makes a noise but a lot of times he’ll look like he’s meowing.

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Ah, if only I could “groom” my nether regions.

I’m kidding

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I am certainly very fond of smelling and licking certain regions of my mate. I don’t know for sure if I acquired this behaviour from any of my dogs.

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Well, I woke up with a foxtail in my hair, so yes, had to use my paws to get it out.

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Yes. Whenever I get hungry, or hear the fridge open..I start rubbing my chin furiously against my husband until he feeds me.

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Oh yes, i purr when i’m stroked!

Sorry couldn’t resist :D

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