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Why is my poop all thin like pasta?

Asked by tan235 (877points) August 17th, 2010

Hi all, I wrote a question here about stools and now am writing another one, I got my stools tested for blood and it was negative, but now my stools have gone weird again, all thin and like pasta, i do have my period but is this normal?
Has anyone had this and it’s ok?
I’m starting to freak out about my bowels now.
Also my tummy feels not so good, like when you get the runs, that is how my tummy feels, so could i eaten something that my body doesn’t agree with to create thin like stools?
I also need to go poop and that’s the only thing that comes out and it’s freaking me out?
any help would be greatly appreciated, is it normal for our bodies to just do weird things sometimes?

I’ve decided today i’m not eating to get out whatever it is that is in my gut – is this a wise decision?

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If I were you, I would make an appointment with the doctor. Especially if it lasts more than a week (on and off) and you’re feeling sick. Thin stool can be a few things, like bowel obstruction. Sometimes, though, it just happens and then goes away but because you’re feeling sick I’d have to recommend a doctor.

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Your poop has nothing to do with whether or no you have your periods but everything to do with what you’re eating – so what are you eating?

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well i am drinking a lot of smoothies, and not through a juicer but through a blender, so the fiber is all mixed in as well… could that be it?

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I am helping. I’m saying either make an appointment with a doctor or keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t last a long time. A bowel obstruction is not a good thing.

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well yeah sorry your first post did help.
bowel obstruction sounds horrible.
far out.
if it were that would it be constant thin poop as this has only just started today.
but yeah feeling sick. tummy sick.
could be period though but feels different.

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@tan235 Well, are you eating anything else besides Smoothies?

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lots of soup that i make, blended up as well and salads, lot of salad and nuts.
nothing much else actually.

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Is it soft or hard? If it’s thin and soft, it could be that you aren’t eating anything to bulk it up (since you seem to be mostly drinking and therefore it isn’t thick).

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@tan235 I think that’s the problem – you’re eating a lot of blended foods…any protein?

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Yeah, that doesn’t sound all that bulky, except for the salad.

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much…....i ate some chicken yesterday but also a bowel of cherries and some blue berries, i’m trying to be really healthy, could that make my tummy sore as well, i guess i should wait a couple of days and change my diet then go to the doctor again about it?

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also i suffer badly from anxiety could that make my poop like that?

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Nerves (anxiety) can have an affect on our bowels. There’s nothing wrong with trying to eat healthy. You just have to be sure that you aren’t missing out on necessary nutrients in the process of cutting out certain foods. If you suddenly made a major change in your eating habits, it could be your body is responding to the new food and adjusting the way it processes your food intake.

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@tan235 Eating lots of cherries would make me constipated, personally but bodies react differently…anxiety can lead to soft stools, I think.

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Many people get diarrhea while on their period. Thin poop can be a sign of cancer. If the tumour takes up space in the colon, it causes the poop to be thnner. But, if it come and goes it is not likely it is cancer. I think it is what you are eating, and stress can definitely be a factor. Change your diet for three days and see if things change. Only solid foods, meat and potatoes, pasta, cooked vegetables…

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you said you’re trying to eat healthy, if this is a recent shift in your diet-
perhaps your body is trying to adjust to the change in food consumption,

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yeah i think it is and i’ve just moved here from australia, so it’s quite a different climate and the food is very different, it’s all actually gone back to normal now which is good as that means it can’t be cancer?
well normal…. not quite but not thin…. sorry guys, wow talking to strangers about your poop is kinda liberating, we should be more open and honest all the time….. dont’ you think.
I think i may have a tummy bug as everytime i eat anything it hurts…. but i did get it tested and there was no bood… so that must be good right>?

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@tan235 , no blood is definitly good. Just stay mindful of what your eating, and it is a funny concept- talking to strangers about your poop haha, I guess that’s one great thing about fluther, you really can ask pretty much anything and people seem to legeit- try and help out.
what kind of hurt occurs when you eat, cramps? It could be lingering unhealthy food trying to clear out from your system, and again: your body may not be used to the newly adapted diet.

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Go back to the doctor. The only time I have heard of this, the person had an obstruction.

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