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Can I sell this boat?

Asked by Pandora (29467points) August 19th, 2010

My husbands cousin left a small flat water boat in our garage. He said he got it from a friend of his some years ago. Any how, he has moved away and since he owes us cash, we asked him if its ok to sell it. He said yes. I noticed a tag on it that says US coast guard and it says the capacity is 450 lbs or 3 people maximum.
I know nothing of boats. Is this just a tag that comes on boats from the coast guard?
Does the boat have to be registered?
Its a small fiberglass fishing boat with no motor. Does anyone know how much it would go for. It has no cracks or holes, except for one hole on top that won’t affect its sailing. Just not pretty is all.
I really don’t care about making money and really just want to get rid of it but I don’t want to get in trouble for trying to get rid of it.
I don’t think his cousin ever registered it. He’s not the type to go though those technical problems.

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I know that in my state, several of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) offices register boats (including old ones with no real history on the books). State law will vary from place to place, but typically, a small boat (particularly with no motor) or those under a certain size (e.g., 12 feet in length) are very easy to register. You pay a fee ($12–15) and they assign a number (think license plate). In some places you have to know the hull number to register the boat, but it may not be necessary for a small craft.

You confused me a bit with your description of a fishing boat and then your reference to sailing (does the boat have a mast?)

Your Coast Guard reference is typical for most boats just indicating how many people the boat can safely handle (and how many life jackets should be on board).

It is hard to say how much the boat is “worth.” If the transom is sound and it could hold a trawling motor and someone could use it for fishing, you might get a couple hundred for it. Look up “john boat” on google images and see if the boat looks anything like those pictured. If it also has a trailer, that could increase the value significantly.

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Yes, you can sell it. Look at the prices for comparable boats on Craigs List.

Oh, the Coast Guard tag is just a rating.

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@Kayak8 No not a sale boat. I meant it won’t prevent it from being on the water without sinking. Thought the word sailing would suffice. No it doesn’t have a trailer. Thanks for the info. I will look up john boat. A motor can be attached to it but it doesn’t have one. I think some people call it a flat bottom fishing boat, but it is very basic. Has spots to sit on like two bench style seating made of fiberglass but nothing fancy for soft chairs or anything like that. I’m sure its probably under 12 feet.
I’m going to take your suggestion and look up john boats.
@marinelife Yeah, I’ll try that as well. Thank you both.

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