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Don't you hate it when you can't find your car keys?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) August 19th, 2010

They’re here somewhere

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I am a non-driver, but whenever I have lost anything of grand importance, it usually turns up exactly where I left it – in my pocket, on the dresser, or wedged between two pages of whatever book I am reading.

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Yes! Half the time they are right if front of my face. They need to have the clapper or some device I swear.

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Yes, they are usually dangling on my finger, yet I go round like a bat out of hell, racing round to search for them!

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HA! Found them!! They were in the ignition.

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@Hawkeye I don’t know that I would admit that, lol

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Are you kidding? I’ve been known to go into a deep depression for days. Once, when I was out of town visiting my mother, I totally lost my whole keychain. I looked for hours—in my car, along the curb, in the grass, in my mother’s house—and then over and over in the same places. Finally I concluded that I must have dropped it in the street and somebody pickedit up (there was a small leather pouch attached with a little money inside). I was a wreck and from then on always kept a set of keys hidden in my car.

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I found them in the fridge once.

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Look in the ignition!!

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I never lose them unless they’re in my pocket. I know, go figure

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@jjmah There’s a story there and I’d love to hear it.

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@muppetishm, that’s called iced key.

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I hate when I lose anything.
Throw a tantrum like I do ;)

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@Austinlad : There you go, making me do the groaning and grinning thing again!

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Losing car keys isn’t something I have to worry about anymore, really (and I can’t hide them in the car anymore). But I have lost my car keys in the fridge and the freezer.

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@JilltheTooth , :-) My day hasn’t been wasted.

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OK, all you fridge and freezer car key losing in there people wow, that was a ponderous and grammatically funky intro! why were they there? Walk me through the reasoning, please…

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@Austinlad When I suggest that your jokes remind me of Fozzie Bear, I mean it as the most sincere of compliments :)

I’m still at a loss for the fridge/freezer business. Maybe I’ll understand when I actually have keys to lose!

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@supermouse lost hers a year ago and is still looking for them.

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I usually have mine hanging on a hook, but every now and then I’ll find them other places. I’ve found them hooked to the pants I was wearing the day before (this happens a lot), on the floor in the truck (I had dropped them when I took them out of the ignition and didn’t even notice) , in my son’s room (he use to like to hide them from me), and in the bathroom (rushing into the bathroom when I got home and left them in there when I was done).

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@chyna : I ran into the @supermouse thread and checked my pockets… no joy. sigh
@mrentropy and @jjmah : still waiting for the fridge/freezer explain! Huh? Huh?

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@muppetish, I thank you. :-)

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@JilltheTooth To understand the refrigerator/freezer thing you have to know that I try and bring in all the groceries at once. If that means running plastic bags up both arms, that’s what I do. For one, it saves trips to the car and back. Two, it gives the cats less chance to run out the door.

Now, to carry all those bags and unlock the door, I keep the keys (with the house key) in my hand. Due to a lack of space to put down grocery bags, I unload the bags while they’re still queued up on my arm. And frozen/cold stuff is the first to go in. If I forget to put the keys down on a counter or table then I put them down in either the fridge or freezer (whichever came first). Then I forget I put them down there and finish up the rest of the groceries.

So, there ya go.

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I don’t hate it but I do sometimes waste time search for them.

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@mrentropy ; Logic and reason. I should have thought of that!

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I lose mine all the time and I usually find them in my hand or in my purse where I left them!

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I always carry a spare with me, but my main set has keys to everything I need a key for.

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don’t get me started

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For everyone who hasn’t seen the supermouse lost keys thread, here ya’ go. :)

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