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Is it possible for any human can fly?

Asked by saigaku (7points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I am just asking…..I know that human can’t fly but, some magician can levitate.

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Yes. Humans routinely fly, using these gadgets called airplanes and helicopters.

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Say it ain’t so :-)

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We can fly!? Holy cow! , you have to be joking. Humans can’t fly.

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David Blaine isn’t human.

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@ john He is half wicked Llama

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Sure. You just need some wings, atmosphere and a low gravity environment. Read Robert Heinlein’s classic novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

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I can fly wherever I want in my dreams. :)))) haha

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humans can fly its the landing that’s the problem

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Humans cannot fly unassisted, and humans cannot levitate without special effects or an elevator.

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Or a jet pack.

Or read, So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish by Douglas Adams. It includes a way for humans to fly.

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their is a new thing out call the squirrel suit youtube-flying dude

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Who lit up the bong while I was gone?

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Lmao. Maybe in a few million years due to evolution; but no, for now they can’t, without help from an airplane, helicopter, trampoline, or human-cannonball cannon.

Or perhaps you have heard of the myth of Icarus?

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He used wax and feathers (cheating).

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Plus that whole falling-to-his-death thing really puts a damper on it.

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Icarus fell because he thought he was smarter than his daddy. Honor thy father and mother.

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But not too much, lest you find yourself in a more Oedipal situation.

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chris angel and David whatshisname are devils.
u firmly believe they are anti Christs and decils

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Alina: They’re illusionists. They make no claim that its actual ‘magic’. They’re very clear about it being an illusion.

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Earlier answers to this question”

Can we fly

@Alina1235. I cannot understand what you mean.

@Delirium: Is it possible for my family to be more Oedipal than they already are?

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As long as you’re not directly descended from the Hapsburgs, I’d probably say yes.

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The final er, straws, would seem to me to be the eyes… though you could try to reverse it for specialness.

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@Zaku; you are subtle beyond my present understanding. Might you explain your last statement?

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@gail: Well after I was amused by Delirium’s joking remark about the Hapsburgs, I reflected in my smartypants way that I (perhaps through ignorance or forgetfulness) wasn’t aware of any Hapsburgs who had blinded themselves in fits of grief over their own tragic story, which it seemed to me would be the capstone of an Oedipal performance. So any Hapsburgs with working eyes might be thought capable of increasing their Oedipal accomplishments beyond their present condition. Tired at the time, I clumsily started with the “final straw” phrase, which I made plural for eyes, and then reflected that my phrase was doubly inaccurate in that one might attempt to add a special twist to the task of becoming completely Oedipal (and earn points for increased difficulty) by blinding oneself before performing one or more of the other elements of the tragic curse.

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