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So i have a question… Is there a cigarette that is called 420 that is legitimately a cigarette?

Asked by chump1993 (22points) August 20th, 2010

So i have a question… Is there a cigarette that is called 420 that is legitimately a cigarette??? Some friends had a box of cigs that looked believable enough but I wanted to check it out.

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They are not real. If so they would be illegal.
The image of them that has been floating around the internet for years is part of a campaign to legalize pot. It is Photoshop derived. Marlboro does NOT at this time make any marijuana laced cigarettes.

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They didn’t look like that box. The box was black.

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Were they Marlboro?
What did the box look like as in wording etc?

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@chump1993 What exactly did you see? A cigarette? A box? A box with a bunch of cigarettes in them?

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I saw the cigarettes and they looked like regular cigarettes. But I knew that could be a bunch of bull so they showed me the box and it was black with 420 on the front of it.

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No brand name or logo?

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@chump1993 Regular cigarette box, or speciality, perhaps like this or this

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I cant seem to find a picture online. But i have seen these before. Its just a blend of random herbs that are supposed to get you high and feel like weed. They dont, but they do have some effects. I believe some of the main ingredients are skullcap, passion flower and damiana.

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