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What is the weirdest location you've ever been hit on?

Asked by Emilyy (2133points) March 24th, 2008

A little backstory:

I think I got hit on at an ATM machine on the corner of a busy intersection last week. After a brief yet awkward interaction, I was given a (pretty cheaply made) business card, told, “Call me. Maybe you need some photographs taken. I’m…easy to work with.” So let’s assume for the sake of argument that I did get hit on and he wasn’t just trying to get me one step closer to my dream of finally having crappy-looking head shots. What makes people think that a place like a WaMu ATM machine is the appropriate place for a pick-up? And has anyone else ever had a weird experience like this?

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Weirdest was a public restroom… Best was a library.

(and dan, I’ll be on officially in a few minutes. There are guests downstairs so I’m hiding in my reptile room sans computer)

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I was used as a subject for a Human Sexuality class in college. I was the “gay” specimen. I answered questions about sexual practices, behavior, relationships and homophobia. At the end of it I got hit on by a girl.

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oh oh! I totally forgot. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to relive it but…

I got hit on by the doctor that was doing my *AIDS test.

*It came up negative just to let ya’ll know. :D

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I’m a nurse, I was working in a general hospital about three years ago, one of the patients had died so me and a student nurse were washing the dead body, then she asked me out. right over the corpse.

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in 9th grade by a creepy teacher who was later arrested for lewd acts with a minor. scary.

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I started thinking, “Well I got beaned in the nose by an orange once… oh!”

What makes the place be weird? What’s weird about an ATM? Shouldn’t one look at it from the point of view of the person who sees and feels driven to introduce themselves to you? I mean, if it’s a stranger especially, they don’t get to choose the place unless they’re hanging out at a place waiting to pick up on people. Then the ATM could be kinda weird, as would any place with cameras and signs commanding people to be distrustful of strangers.

Unfortunately, my perspective is making me think of weird places where I have approached people, more than the weirdness of places where I was approached. Maybe I’m weird – oh no! ;-)

So weirdest place I have been hit on… at a cafeteria, by the soup girl, I guess. Actually what happens a lot is girls doing drive-by flirting, but I suppose that’s something else.

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at a funeral…..

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In the mouth by a bee on my moped.

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My best friend’s house, by his mom at fifteen years old. I was fifteen, a virgin, and yes I lost my virginity to her. I have a thirteen year old son by her, whom I have no relations with. Only for his sake, because I don’t think it would benefit him to know his real father. He is beautiful! My best friend, who knows, and holds no grudge, is the best person I’ve had the pleasure to know. I love him (my best friend) like a brother, and we have talked about this. This is a very f****ed up situation, having a son that you could never have a part in his life. Sorry for the unwanted information, but you asked, Emily! So many times, I’ve wanted to tell him, but I don’t want him to grow up as F***ed up as me!

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Thanks for sharing that, bulbatron9.

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@Zaku Yeah, I doubt I make it to 1337!

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i got hit on while crowd surfing at ozzfest 06’ in camden, shes was a cutie She rolled on top of me and was like “hey whats up?” and for the 3 mins people were dragging us acrossthere heads, it was a pretty awesome experience, she aslo gave me a kiss. =]

and another time i was swimming in a pool, and i was underwater and this girl looked at mewith her goggles and pointed with her hand to go up, and she was like “hey im Kara” im like…. “Hey..?”
good times =]

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I don’t think any place is weird. I’ve been in all kinds of situations and all kinds of places where it’s happened and I’ve always been flattered.

I think it’s great that there are people bold enough to make contact with a stranger. It doesn’t sound like he was hitting on you, though, in all honesty.

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At work, with our boss about 3 feet away. I didn’t take him up on his offer.

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By a Dentist, in his office as he was firing me. Everything about this story was weird, and it would take all day to explain.

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On a trampoline (sp?)

Yeah me and my mates don’t bounce on it any more – we just tend to sit and have a chat…

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