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Is there a way to get stuff off the internet about you on Google searches ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) August 21st, 2010

Does anybody know ways for Google to delete some stuff of you on the internet?

For example, when I Google my name, sites pop up (mostly networking sites) ,but I don’t have the email or password to them.

Is there anyway to fix this or does it solely depend on the sites that Google is advertising? Is there a way to control it?

For example, I have a Flickr account, and I don’t have the email or password anymore, but it still pops up on the internet. How can I delete this account and have it not show anymore?

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As far as I know you have to remove each account individually. Most big sites will have ways of retrieving your username/password, so that’s where I’d start. If you can’t retrieve your log in information, then I’d look for a “contact us” button, and send the site an email.

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The results will remain until Google crawls that site again, which can be a while. So if it looks like it’s not working, it is just taking a while.

This article: ’Personal information in search results’, on Google’s help site is also worth a read.

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A site itself has a place to retrieve information but you would have to reactivate your email account you had at that time to get them to send the pass word. So I like the answers from @augustlan and @bluemukaki

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