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My new iMac sometimes gets stuck and I get the spinning beachball making me force quick. What's up?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) March 24th, 2008 from iPhone
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What are you talking about? Macs don’t ever have problems.

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Occasionally there are application problems – I have one with the little game, Snood. I always get the bouncing “beachball of death” when I try to exit and return to Safari home page. Then I have to “force *quit.” My OS is however 10.4.11.

So Mac rarely has problems.

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not a problem just gets stuck spinnning. Have to force quit

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mostly safari gets hosed up not application

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So it is Safari and not Snood?

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verify you are running the latest updates by using the software update app. repair your disk permissions on your hard drive using the disk utility app. add ram to your iMac. I would aim for 2gb. if you upgrade ram do both sticks at once (having matching ram is important) avoid doing tasks that crash your software eg/ if you know a webpage won’t load in safari, try firefox, camino, or opera. if the app is processing data, let it finish before you quit. eg/ I hate iphoto opens each time I plug in my iPhone, but if I try closing before it loads, it crashes. Giving it a few seconds to load rather than force quiting is much safer and less time consuming.

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yeah I don’t like the spinning wheel of death either. I think there is no other choice but to force quit sometimes.

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