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Can anyone tell me how to restrict users from changing desktop settings in Windows 7 Home version?

Asked by llewis (1457points) August 22nd, 2010

I try to manage a Windows 7 computer that has a common user login because several people need to be able to use the same files. It’s the Home version, not the Professional version. We have one user who can’t resist tinkering, and he’s screwed it up again. (He’s also the reason I have to have a common user – he’d save the files to his personal folders and no one else could get to them. Grrr.) I’d like to restrict his ability to make ANY changes to the desktop settings, but the only instructions I’m finding use a group policy manager that’s not available in the Home version. Any ideas?

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Can you make a separate login just for him and make the files available to that user as well?

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No, I tried that and the files ended up all over the place – he’s not consistent about where or how he saves things. Plus this time he’s managed to make the primary monitor be the projector instead of the monitor. That’s what I need to keep him out of.

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I don’t think there’s anything you can do. I think you just have to be really firm with this person until he stops tinkering and saves things correctly. It’ll help if you have access to the admin account and can go in and fix anything that he does.

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Thanks. He’s a lost cause in terms of getting him to do things any way besides what he wants to do, and unfortunately we have to work with him. I spent two hours trying to get the primary video card set up right before, and don’t remember what I did that he has now undone. <sigh> Thank you, anyway!

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@llewis My rule of thumb is that people who cannot run the machinery do not run the machinery, and if that means that they cannot perform the duties of their job then they are unemployed.

Granted, it’s a little different with me since the machinery I use can kill people on the other side of the room, but if his incompetence and hamfistedness is costing the company money (like the time you lose fixing his fuckups) then maybe, just maybe, you should have a talk with the higher ups and see if they feel it worthwhile to keep this guy on the payroll. Most employers don’t keep people who cost them money; they either reassign them or cut them loose. Or maybe he will change if there is a very real threat of being tossed into the current job market where applicants outnumber openings by 5-to-1.

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This is at a church. There are only three people who know how to run the sound booth, where the computer is being used, and he’s one of them. My husband and I are the other two, and if we are out of town, this guy is it. We keep asking people to learn how to run sound as backups, but haven’t had any takers – everyone’s happy to let someone else do it.

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@llewis Maybe you could give some kind of incentive for the kids (the most likely to know) – a commitment to do it for, say, 6 months gets a $25 dollar gift card to the store of their choice or perhaps an extra glowing reference from someone who’s going off to college in a year.

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Check this out

Also check to see if there are any third-party software programs that can help.

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@Austinlad – thanks! I’ve saved the directions on the link and will see if it will work in Windows 7. The whole desktop settings interface is different, but maybe it will work anyway. It’s posted as being applicable to Windows 7.

@papayalily – good idea, but our church is older, so no teens or twenties to snag. I’ll keep it in mind, though. We can’t pay anyone to do it, but maybe there would be some other incentive we could use. Thanks!

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