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Firefox extension which stores URL shortcuts?

Asked by saservp (291points) August 26th, 2010

I’m looking for an addon (I don’t know what keywords to use in the extension directory) which will, ostensibly, shorten a URL, but locally (i.e. not just some or other kind of url shortening service.

As an example, I type simply ‘b’ and hit enter, and it loads has a dns hack that lets you do this, but only if you proxy all of your requests through their servers, which I don’t want, I’m just looking for a way to do it locally.

I know the super-complicated way of doing it would be to utilize my own local dns server, but I don’t want to go through that hassle, there has to be some sort of browser extension! :P

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Is using the bookmark toolbar out of the question?

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Firefox learns your history. This takes an extra step, but to get to Fluther I type fl, hit the down arrow, and then enter. Instant Fluther, no add ons needed.

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[ removed by myself ]

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Haven’t found anything recent/active/supported as a Firefox addon.

But, have you considered using Launchy?

It runs in your OS, not in a browser. You can use it to shortcut access to files, applications, and urls.

For example:
– Hit Alt-Spacebar (brings up Launchy window)
– Type F (autoselects your favorite “F” app, likely Firefox, and presents a list of other candidates)
– Hit Enter (launches Firefox)
– Elapsed time, 0.5 sec.

It works by indexing the contents of your Start menu (on Windows… also has Mac and Linux versions).

Be sure to read the ReadMe doc… it has instructions on how to make Firefox’s locked db of shortcuts accessible to Launchy’s index mechanism.

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I access websites exactly as @theichibun mentions. If a random one gets into the list, just hit the delete key to remove it.

This gets into redirects.

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—In the Bookmarks menu choose Organize Bookmarks.
—Choose a Bookmark
—Click on More
—Put your shortcut in the Keyword field

It’s tedious. Usually I simple do as @theichibun suggests.

The single feature I prefer in Internet Explorer is that when you save a bookmark, the name you give it IS the shortcut.

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Good call @jaytkay. You can also just select Bookmarks and right click [Properties] on the bookmark itself.

But I’m trying to add “dork” as a random test keyword to a Fluther bookmark, just to see if I can find an alternative way to access the site, but it’s not working. Even after a re-boot of the app.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. I must be missing something.

EDIT – it’s “Tags”, not keywords. Putting in “dork” (or whatever) as a tag works perfect as an alternate way to access a site.

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@ipso Hmmm. The keyword works for me, immediately without restarting. But now that you mention it, tags are the more modern way to do it. .

One tag can have many bookmarks, you get a drop-down with all the tagged bookmarks.
And one shortcut can have many tags.

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I just use the built-in functions of Firefox. I can hit CTRL-H and search for any site I’ve ever been. I had to tweak the FF preferences to store the history back that far.

As a side benefit, any time I start typing in the address bar, I generally get what I am looking for through the “auto-complete” function.

So, why do you need an extension that does what Firefox already does?

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