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What's the easiest way to screen capture from a video player?

Asked by Dewey420 (1170points) August 26th, 2010

I use VLC player, but I know it’s the same issue with WMP, “prt scr ”(print screen) does not yield a picture from a paused video playing in a video player. Instead you end up with a black screen, is there any open source/freeware software or windows work-around to this?

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I’ve used MWsnap for years.


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For VLC, there is a snapshot system within the program. You can go Video -> Snapshot, or the default keybind is Shift + S (You can go in to Tools -> Preferences -> Hotkeys to configure it to a different keybind.

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awesome thanks both of you

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Nero 7 has “Live” feed option. Irfanview is freeware as long as you are not using the image for commercial purposes. I use a USB capture device that allows me to connect from the rca sockets of the player through to the usb port. The capture device is only about $70 and comes with software called “Showbiz”. The device is called “Leadtek Winfast VC100 Video Editor”. The device has a button that you press when you want to capture a snapshot. Also great for TV snapshots. You don’t need a capture card, it replaces that item.

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if you’re a mac user use shift apple 3. or to box select use shift apple 4

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