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What do you do when you get confused at nights?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) August 26th, 2010

I used to fluther or play Civilization 2… watch t.v. ... but everything seems to be wearing thin…I can’t seem to do much and I have so much Irrelevant things I can do… My roommate sleeps at night and I can’t keep phoning the mental health line every year… I’m completely flustered on what to do…. I used to watch porn, but thats boring now… I’ve even tried watching Creflo Dollar ministries at night but thats grating on my nerves… and I rarely can sleep during the night…I really don’t know what to do and every time I write bored at 3am my question gets modded… some times I can go into Fluther Chat but usually I don’t have anything funny or interesting to add to the conversation…I’m beyond bored I’m confused and feel like I’m wasting my time at nights… that I should be doing something useful for society…I don’t know what would you do… and don’t tell me to rub one out… I’ve tried it to no avail. I could really use some advice…seeing my counselor’s tell me to enjoy life and not to worry… they don’t seem to be helping any and I can’t easily change councilors being I’m in a national park in the mountains… I get what I can when It is available… Some help is welcome… please don’t tell me to get a job…thank-you for any non condescending help

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You didn’t mention reading. Take an online class since you can do it at your own pace. Exercise. Bake. If you draw or paint or any kind of art, do it at night (lighting could be a problem). Clean your house. Do house repairs if you don’t have neighbors to bother. It sounds like you have tried all of the electronic entertainment things, so just stay away from those. Hope things get better for you.

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See my profile for how to consult me for free in complete privacy.

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You seem like a person that needs some FUN or a good REFRESHER. You said not to tell you to get a job but hell I’m going to tell you anyway. Get a job, save up some cash, and try jumping out of a plane once.

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Can you not sleep at night?

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@chyna mostly no…I sleep 7am- 4pm

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Reading and watching tv is the only thing I can think of and that’s not really what you want to hear. I’ll think on it, but in the mean time, @Dr_Lawrence seems like he can be a huge help.

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You really should see a doctor to see, at least rule out, if there is some physical or medical problem is making it difficult or impossible for you to sleep.

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Maybe your just a night person, how long has this been going on?

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Hmm. I’d like to know what kind of confusion you’re talking about. Are you saying you are generally disoriented and confused? Or you are confused about a specific issue in your life?

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@daytonamisticrip 5 years… but I’ve always been a night person

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@TheOnlyNeffie unable to decide what to do… and an Inability to do it when I decide what I want to do (like read… or sit still… listen to radio)

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Alright, just wanted to check. I was concerned when I read “confusion.”

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Your issue is that your not following the orders of your body to live by night and sleep by day.

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@daytonamisticrip I sleep when there is nothing I want to be awake for… like a boring t.v. schedule…family awake… warm water for bath-tub

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You can use your time for something new and useful. If you said that you got bored of your games and movies you can purchase another similar/related good version of games or another new movie,playing/watching something with the same theme from time to time will bore you.
You can also write something if you like. For me,I usually write my book at night since it’s the best time and the quietest time of the day.

You need to do something at first,if you keep thinking about it without doing something you just add your anxiousness.

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Do you like puzzles? I get into those every once in awhile. I have a done a lot of impressive puzzles clued them and put them up in the garage.

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Climb out of my neighbours bed, apologise, slope off down the stairs, out the door & tail between my legs go back home.

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check out the stars if you are in a beautiful place…..enjoy and breathe.

I dont sleep nights either.

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Sounds to me like you need to get out of the house! Exercise is the BEST way to regulate your body and become more restful. Bike rides, jogging, hiking are awesome ways to invigorate the body and burn off restless steam. Plus nothing like a buff bod to give you more confidence and a higher self esteem.

Take up a musical instrument, or an art of some sort to express these inner feelings that seem to be eating at you. Volunteer or hang out with some new friends and I wouldn’t worry about how you think other people perceive your thoughts of words especially here. We are all so different and is what makes hanging at Fluther so cool! Be yourself and speak up!

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I appreciate some of your suggestions. They will help me help others.
There are some very sensitive and intuitive people here on Fluther.
That is why I hang out here!

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