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Is it legal to not only transport airsoft guns into Mexico, but use them for target shooting in Mexico too?

Asked by shniernan (981points) August 27th, 2010

I have been researching for airsoft guns for quite a while, but I was wondering if I was able to bring them over to my vacation home in Mexico and use them every time I visit (trust me, not as fancy as it seems. :) ). So uhh… That’s pretty much it…. I need to know will they think it is a real weapon, or more precisely, register it as a real weapon and take it? Or will they let me through, just warn me to transport only and not wield it? Or will they just say “Yup, that’s cool, bye.”

Hahaa, thanks for any and all help, and no matter what, your rock!

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I doubt that there would be much spirit-of-the-law trouble; airsoft guns are rather popular in Japan which, like Mexico, has very strict gun laws.
* roffles quietly about Mexico’s gun problems *
I suppose that you could make the case that the mechanisms in airsoft guns don’t even work like those in actual firearms, neither is there any sort of violent chemical reaction going on.

Failing all else, you could try smuggling it in. In the 90s, at least, you could smuggle just about anything. (At least, the two orphanages that I visited would routinely get shipments of smuggled toys and clothes, usually from churches in the Southwestern United States.)

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with all the mess going on there with the gun violence I would leave them behind. You could be held for questioning or have your property withheld. American gun owners are being falsely blamed for bringing in machine guns which are purported to be involved with drug cartel activities (gunfights with police) and all you will be doing is sort of backing up that falsehood. It doesn’t matter if it is a toy it will get you some unwanted attention. It’s the sort of thing that someone is bound to make a big deal of.

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I am almost sure you can bring them here without many problems, but i can’t assure it, but man, believe me, at this time, the “cops” stop you trying to getting money, and they see your airsoft gun , they will try to do anything to win something, sometimes they rob your wallets or cellphones, even your car, OR even worse, you can get shot by cops or drug cartels, believe me, leave it behind.

at least you are traveling in a plane to mexico city or safe places, go ahead

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Japan has strict gun control laws so when they someone holding a realistic Glock 17 they assume it is a toy. Here in NY it is just the opposite. To avoid confusing a police officer, you cannot have a realistic looking toy. They are supposed to have a orange marker on the front. Even that does not assure your safety however. The airsoft Glock, CZ, and Beretta are indistinguishable from the real thing at distances of more than 5 meters.
Be very careful.

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Given this, how worth it is to be arrested first, questioned later? Plus, I would imagine that the “rumor” of having guns would make your property more vulnerable to break-ins. Surely there’s other things to do for fun down there?

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@BarnacleBill – Yes, but are these even considered guns? These are toys, are they not? Isn’t that the whole entire reason they have orange tips?

But if there is even a chance that I would be penalized so seriously, then I’ll just leave it alone I guess.

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@BarnacleBill – I know probably nobody trusts Wikianswers, but:

That and they SELL them in Mexico…. Why wouldn’t you be able to bring them across…

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@shniernan , yes, there is no problem with having them at mexico (i live in mexico) but there is the chance of being confunded with drugs cartels and more if you are from other country

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@max_gutierrez – in that case, know anywhere good to buy em IN mexico?

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no no, the problem could be having them, not buying or crossing them, but well i think you wont have any problem just in case someone check you, prove that is a toy

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Thanks everyone! :D

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