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Women: have you ever had a tear or scrape "down there"? how long did it take to heal?

Asked by jumbowumbo (1points) August 30th, 2010

i believe the other day my boyfriend and i were having sex when i was not wet enough and i got a little tear in the entrance to my vagina. it was sore that day but we had sex again that day and then yesterday, and yesterday afterwards it was even more sensitive to the touch and it bled just the tiniest bit. i can feel where it got torn or ripped or whatever…it’s right on the outside. anyhow, i’m not all that concerned, but i don’t want to hurt it anymore and i’m just wondering if anyone can tell me how long that area usually takes to heal for something small? i dont want to have sex again until it is better, and i assume a week should be plenty of time? thanks in advance!

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That area usually heals pretty quickly. Avoid sex for a few days and it should be fine. If it doesn’t feel like it’s getting better within a day or two, you’ll want the doctor to check it and make sure it didn’t get infected. Keep the area clean and dry as best as you can to help avoid infection.

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well first you could use a lubricant, and second try to slow down you partener until nature does it’s magic the old fashioned way.

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Yes, I’ve had a tear in that spot and it wouldn’t heal on it’s own, just kept getting deeper cut until I went and had it repaired. Once stitched though and a few weeks of no sex then it healed well.

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I had a hymenectomy to repair an annular hymen, which was pretty much a giant “tear.” (More like incision, but still.) It was sore for a few days, like when I’d sit in certain ways. It felt raw for a solid couple weeks though. I went to the gyno for a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after the procedure, and was still very uncomfortable with the idea of her prodding around in there. It took maybe a solid month for me to feel totally at ease with my lady parts. I don’t know how severe your tear is but if it doesn’t feel better in a week, I’d get it looked at.

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