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Are albino people similar to ginger people in some way?

Asked by AntonRubio10101 (46points) August 31st, 2010

I have noticed that some ginger poeple look shockingly similar to albino people. I think they look awsome but, I was just wondering if they have any connection’s between the two?

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Why is your question tagged as a “race” topic? Albinism has nothing to do with race – it is a congenital disorder that results in the absence of pigmentation. “Ginger” is a spice. I am opposed to using at a term to identify individuals born with red hair. Hair colour is determined by genetics (but is not a condition.) There is no link between the two whatsoever.

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What are “ginger” people? Never heard the term.

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@anartist I think ginger is a mostly a British usage. Red hair from Wikipedia. You kind of have to scroll down. There seems to be some trick that allows you to link to hit right to the part of the page you want, but I don’t know what it is. Anyway, just in care you’re interested.

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@anartist It’s just another term for redhead. Unfortunately it seems to mostly be used to make fun of/fuck with red haired people for having…RED hair! I wonder when they’ll have their own drinking fountains and bathrooms.

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I thought it had something to do with a certain “black” coloring, hair and skin similar ginger color, eyes amber, and that was the similarity to albinos, hair and skin matching, light eyes—but I wasn’t sure.

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Calling redheads gingers is stupid because ginger is not red.

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@beancrisp I’m a 52-year-old red headed man, and I’ve heard the term “ginger” used in reference to redheads all my life in Australia. This is very Australian. We can also get the nickname “Blue” in Oz and blue isn’t red, either!

But we are a weird mob!

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It is hard to believe the negativity that muppetish got on the “g word.” I am a proud ginger and I love the term…and I have often compared myself with albinos…And yes, having red hair is a type of condition…(look it up). So how do I remind myself of an albino? Well, I have very light blond eyebrows, and eyelashes. I am very white with lots of freckles. I have wondered the same thing, if there is a genetic comparison, as redheads have a gene mutation. Okay, I looked up a few things…Redheaded Africans (not of mixed race).. are albino. Redheads of white folks are not albino. It is complicated…But it has to do with the reasons they are the way they are (genetically) and the symptoms genetically…Being a redheaded African is caused caused by a mutation in a gene called TYRP1, which is a type of albinism. But the genemelanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R) in a redhead is not the same as albinism…Go figure!

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