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What is the best TV Tuner card to be used with MythTV?

Asked by jackm (6205points) September 1st, 2010

I plan on using a linux box as a TV tuner, and I want to run MythTV on it. What is the best option for me?

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If you don’t need analog, I really like my HDHomeRun box, it’s a network device, mine has dual tuners and is fairly easy to set up (although my particular setup is weird due to how the cable co splits out the locals randomly)
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So you use HDHomerun with MythTV?

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Yes. I have cable internet, so by FCC rules my cable provider (Comcast) must include the locals – that or it’s easer on them not to filter ;-)
I use MythTV with the HDHomeRun connected to a MythTV Backend that has a lot of storage (on HD channels an hour is 6–7GB) with the TV connected to a different Frontend machine.
It works pretty well for me. I just wish I could use a cablecard or something to get the non-local channels (even basic cable is encrypted) but that’s an issue with MythTV as a whole (because it’s not Windows Media Center, which is the only program I know of that supports those)

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