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Where can i find a tutorial on how to make a website with logins and usernames (without cms)

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) September 1st, 2010

I’m trying to make a website and part of it requires a subscription fee. I’m a web developer but way more towards the graphic design side. Does anyone know where a good tutorial would be to do this in say php or even in html if it could be done securely. I do have an ssl certificate for my login page already.

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There is no simple way around this. You are going to need to know how to set up a database and know a bit of PHP. Adding a payment option is a bit more complicated. This isn’t very hard and someone that knows what they are doing could bang out in a day. It might be worth it to just hire someone to do it for you.

Opportunity costs and all that.

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As per @blah_blah ‘s response – you’ll need decent understanding of PHP and Databases (ex MySQL) to be able to achieve that. In development time, I’d really recommend using a popular CMS and an extension designed exactly for what you want – or at worst needing some modification.

Using popular CMS systems is a bit of a security risk (for defacing, not necessarily database compromises (dumping) – but keeping up to date with updates and backups still makes it cheaper (time-wise) than developing something from scratch.

Alternatively you could use a light CMS and develop the extension on your own.
This site has a lot of CMS demos to choose from:
You get a demo user/admin account to test it out.

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For the uber secure applications, login forms (and whole web apps) are built in Python/Django, Java, or C++. This is definitely possibly with PHP, but a significant amount of knowledge is needed to make it work using session cookies, SQL databases, and careful, secure code.

pizzaman's avatar works for me. Goto Youtube and I am sure there is a vedio. If not, just try out I have made a site on webs that has logins and I know some examples. Here is one.

Log-in Site from

(My friend told me about this site today. I don’t know who made it. It is just an example to show you.)

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@pizzaman Youtube is a terrible place to learn about programming (though I’m sure it can be done), and Webs is more of a self-hosted CMS with poor interconnectivity to what @superjuicebox is creating. I’m sure it has some good uses, but not exactly in this context.

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