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If you were famous would you want to date regular everyday people or another famous person?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) September 2nd, 2010

Considering that the regular everyday person could only be dating you for your money or just to say they dated you in the first place.

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If I was famous I’d be with the same person I’m with now. Fame doesn’t get in the way of true love.

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I’d walk with a stick and beat anyone on my way. I’m already practicing it at lunch with a toothpick.

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I’d set up the Scooby ranch! :-/

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If I was famous I would still be single as I am at the moment. Though if I had to date a famous person I would really want to know everything about her and really get to know her. Also I just think that regular everyday people are more down to earth than the famous ones.

I would date whoever interests me :P

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I wouldn’t date.I’d just have a poolboy.

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Considering that the regular everyday person could only be dating you for your money or just to say they dated you in the first place.

I don’t accept that at all…

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Its just a question.

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I’m fairly certain i’d want to see what the celebrity life tastes like… first :¬)

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I’d want to be with the woman who loves me, whom I fall in love with, and who makes me try to be a better person for. Fame is fleeting, love can be eternal.

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I’d want to date someone I get along with, have good chemistry with, can build a good friendship with, and who I think is physically attractive. Fame or no fame, makes no difference.

Didn’t Matt Damon marry his high school sweetheart or something?

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If I were famous, I would stay with the person I am with, a person who truly cares about me.
I find movie stars to be rude and obnoxious. The whole idea of being around fake people (physically and mentally) is a turn off.

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Assuming I just became rich, I would move to an island with my current girlfriend and have lotsa babies lol!

If it was in some other life, I would attempt to be anonymous, like if I just worked behind the curtain, and I would date any woman, although if I was famous, I would date other famous people and just sleep with other women lol. It’s too costly to date someone that may be using you.

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I’d date whoever I had feelings for, regardless of if they were famous or not. Though if I had to pick, I’d say regular everyday people. It’d be stressful to date a celebrity!

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I will date whoever want to accept me the way I am. Sometime you need a test to do that,especially if you have the potential of being use.

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A regular person. If I married another famous person there would be more papparazzi.(Is that how you spell it?)

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If I was famous, my chances with Natalie Portman would be much greater.

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I would still be with my boyfriend, famous or not because I love him.

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Regular women and keeping the relationship very low key. I guess that’s why I would never become a celebrity to begin with. I value my privacy and I hate showing off to begin with.

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Star-dom is as volitile as Wall Street. You get big gains, and huge losses! In the end you want to stay with someone that loves you for the person you are, not what you look like in the stage lights.
...And to my cutie, i love you ;)

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