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What magazines are 19-23 year-olds reading these days?

Asked by Lisabeth (40points) September 2nd, 2010

What are 19–23 year old guys reading vs. the girls?Are the magazine reading habits of 19–23 year-olds that much different from 16–19 or 24–30 year-olds? Is it a bit of both or something different?

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I don’t believe they read much as they are too busy online. The girls are still reading Cosmo and Elle of course.

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Cosmopolitan magazines. I’ve been reading them ever since I was 17 up until now, I’m 25.

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I don’t know what they’re actually reading… but my dentist seems to think everyone wants to read People, Motor Trend, or Highlights.

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@Kraigmo Too funny. My mom’s lung doctor has travel magazines only. I’ve never seen anyone in his office under age 70 and most are in wheel chairs carrying oxygen.. Probably not thinking of travel destinations.

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Gotta love Goofus and Gallant.

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In general? I have no idea. A good majority of the people I know fall into this age range, but I don’t know what they read during their spare time (sans my circle of fellow English majors.) I know some people read fashion magazines, some read technology magazines, and others read entertainment rags. Maybe a handful of them read Time and/or National Geographic on occasion.

I read The Lion and the Unicorn and Shakespeare Quarterly when I can. I’d like to subscribe to The Economist (my American Literature teacher is brainwashing me.)

@J0E I loved reading Highlights as a kid.

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Well, I’m 24, and I’ve been reading Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly, Real Simple, Psychology Today, Scientific American and Scientific American Mind, Bon App├ętit, and the occasional Vogue article all for several years now. I wish I could read The New Yorker and The New York Review Of Books, but I just don’t have the money/time combo required. All the other ones I can read in the supermarket lines or online or in doctor’s offices or from rapidshare.

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Creative Review.

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Bloomberg report

Those are what I go for mostly, and science magazines like Discover or like @papayalily‘s list all those I enjoy for science.
Now that is what I read, and I’m 19 and a guy.

What are most guys who are 19–23 reading? Car/truck magazines,gamer magazines,and sport magazines.

What are most girls who are 19 -23 reading? People, Cosmo,US weekly, pretty much magazines with celebrities,fashion, and in my opinion useless drama.

Though what I find funny and please note I am not trying to say all women do, this is just my opinion. But many women seem to keep reading the same magazines or type fashion and celebrities mainly.Even as they get older.

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As a 20.94-year-old, I don’t read any magazines. I used to get a few computer magazines, but they felt far too much like advertisements, and not enough like suggestions/reviews/experiences.
If I had to pick some magazines that I might read, I’d pick: Sci fi Magazine, Popular Science, Scientific American, Astronomy.

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@Sarcasm They do often feel like advertisements.

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Wired magazine.

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I read spin…pretty good articles and it introduces me to a lot of music I have found that I like.

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Well I’m 22 and this is what I read (mostly glance at or skim through haha) : High Times, GQ, sports illustrated, FHM, playboy, ESPN, juxtapoz, and occasionaly cosmo. The latter to see what BS they are putting in there like “ten ways to please your man.” But then there is some good stuff too at times that can help dudes out too, so ya…

You’re probably thinking this dude is just some horny, pot-smoking sports nut. Well, you’re right lol. You asked what 19–23 year olds were reading these days and I told you what I read, so I hope it helps you out.

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@johnny No, no there isn’t. The only women Cosmo will help you with is the women that actually write Cosmo. Throw it in the fireplace now.

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I’m 19 and pick up the likes of New Scientist, Linux Format (and other Linux magazines of that line), some other computing magazines (Computer Shopper, Micro Mart etc.), web development based magazines (.net and er…some others, I’ve forgotten), and I’ll flick through photoshop/photography magazines. I think for me however that’s just more to do with my interests, a middle-aged bloke with similar interests would read the same magazines, so I think my age is irrelevant, so sorry, I don’t think I’ve helped answer the question!

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It depends on the 19–23 year old for instance I am a business minded 21 year old so I am reading Forbes. I am also living on my own with my first apartment and car so I read better homes magazine and others like that to figure out how to make my life easier… but if they still live at home.. they are probably reading playboy (men) and cosmo (women)

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