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Which magazines do you like best?

Asked by JLeslie (54556points) January 23rd, 2011

I am thinking about subscribing to some magazines. Not sure if I will have it delivered, or possibly pay for a subscription on my ipad. I used to like Newsweek. Men’s health had great writers a few years back, and that is one my husband and I can both enjoy. I like travel, food, don’t care much about fashion (which is ironic since I worked in that industry for many years). I also like science. Oh, and I hate mags like People, I don’t care at all about the lives of famous people.


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Rolling Stone (It’s not just music)
National Geographic
The Utne Reader

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Aside from Wilderness Way, I’m a huge fan of independently published zines, even/especially those that look like they were made in five minutes with an old copy machine.

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Popular Science, Mad, Cracked, Wired

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Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Scientific American, National Lampoon, The Week, The Nation, Utne Reader, Entertainment Weekly

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My favorite is Harper’s (not Bazaar), even though I miss Louis Lapham. If I were going to add one, it would be National Geographic.

I subscribed to Newsweek during the 2008 presidential campaign, just in time for them to revamp their format, which I hated, so I’ve let it lapse. I picked up Time instead, just to give me some idea of what’s going on in the world.

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Esquire, GQ, Cosmo, Women’s Day, Family Circle, National Geographic, Premiere, People, Newsweek sometimes.

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Popular Science, and failing that Popular Mechanics, which, believe it or not is not from the same company they are indeed rivals. That’s all we have around here.

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National Geographic, Utne, Mental Floss, The Atlantic, The Believer, and Epicurious.

Those are definitely my favorites. Granted, I don’t technically subscribe to any magazine right now but I do pick these off the shelf at the uni library whenever there’s a new one out.

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Runners World, MacWorld, Australian Artist, Woodworkers and New Yorker. Between them they cover just about all of my interests! But as we all know, I am a little bit strange, hehehe!

Cruiser's avatar Pricey but IMO one of the most interesting publications period.

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This Old House, and Consumer Reports.

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More and Vanity Fair. I also admit to enjoying the Reader’s Digest subscription my sister gives me every Christmas.

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I read Psychologies

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National Geographic and The Nation.
I also have a plethora of guitar themed magazines around my house (they belong to my husband, I have no musical talent).

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Self Magazine

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no one is going to admit to penthouse?

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Scientific American
Scientific American Mind
America’s First Freedom ( NRA Publication )

I like other magazines as well, but those are the primary ones for me, as well as the primary ones to which I subscribe.

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Time, Mental Floss, How Stuff Works

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Games Magazine, Astronomy, the New Yorker, Time, and Newsweek.
I don’t actually subscribe to any of them, but if I buy one at the store, it’s one of those.

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Reader’s Digest

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My favourite magazine is Bizarre (probably a NSFW website/magazine!) and Dogs Today although, that one really is only of interest if you like dogs enough!!

Every so often I will buy a fashion mag like Vogue and sometimes I buy Vanity Fair but the to above are the only ones that I get every month without fail.

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The Atlantic
New Yorker
Q I don’t get that one too often. It’s bloody $15 an issue in the US!

(And I tip my 40 to dearly departed Spy. Meet you at tha crossroads, Spy, at tha crossroads.)

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@podwarp @aprilsimnel Can you tell me about the Atlantic?

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We subscribe to People as a family
But my two favorites that I often buy are: the Utne Reader and Mother Jones—especially when traveling for work (b/c they don’t let you keep your Kindle on at take off and landing, sadly).

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@JLeslie – They’re a left-of-center publication, but they don’t hesitate to question people, policies or institutions of the left. The issue I have has articles about online dating, the future of coal energy, drone warfare, how American unis stack up with the rest of the world’s and how it is that Dave, Conan and Jay are really deeply weird people.

It’s a very old mag for the US, published since 1857, and was originally a high-brow literary and cultural magazine. They were for abolition at the time preceding the Civil War, so their liberal bona fides are of long standing. They still publish poetry, the occasional short story, photographs and photos of various kinds of art.

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The New Yorker and Harper’s, but I read them at the library.

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I like wired and psychology today.

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I used to like Newsweek, too, but Idon’t enjoy its current iteration. I like Time, Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, and my all-time favorite is New Yorker, which I’ve subscribed to since I was in my 20s. I’ve tried iPad versions of Time and New Yorker and find I prefer clutching the printed versions.

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@Austinlad We can also copy, make notes or snip real pages with a scissors.I do the Harper’s Cryptic crossword every month, and I certainly need to erase.

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I miss Sassy. It helped shape who I am.

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Empire Magazine if you like films.

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a good one I have recently subscribed to that I have not seen amoungst all the get listings here is called “Outside”

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Oh yeah. Discover is prettygood too.

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Ad Busters, New scientist, Nexus, Penthouse.

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I think The Economist is really intelligent and well written and covers what’s going on around the world including some important areas which get little mainstream press coverage. To be honest, I feel like I should read it more often than I do to be well informed.

I understand your lack of interest in fashion magazines having been in the business. There are times when I feel a real aversion to looking through my monthly Vogue! I need to take breaks from it, because it can be so tiring just to keep up with. Being that it’s my job to know and be aware of trends, I have to do it though. I really like Marie Claire though. I’ve always found it to be the most intelligent of the fashion magazine group. And it has only gotten better since Nina Garcia became Design Director. She was one of the judges on Project runway that I really respected.

For food and recipes I really like Bon Appetit and Fine Cooking.
For Home decor I like Better Homes and Gardens and Country living.

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@JLeslie I love BUST and VenusZine as good magazines for women that won’t talk down to you. You might wanna look into those. I have been loyal to them for years. And this ain’t spam, ma’am. :)

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@SundayKittens I SO miss Sassy too! It totally shaped my youth.

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I also wish “Herbivore” was still in print. I miss that mag.

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