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Does racism still exist? If so in what ways?

Asked by eklamor (415points) March 26th, 2008 from iPhone
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Yes. It still exists and it always will. Everyone is little raciest in someways, even if they won’t admit it.

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What happened to that other question?

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I had to change it lol

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That’s rediculous. That was a perfectly good question, they just took it off to avoid people being race flamers…

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I seem to meet a lot of African Americans who think the white man is against them. And deserve everything free because of there racists past.

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Unfortunately as long as there are different races, there will be racism.

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is it older people that are the main contributors or the ignorant?

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Yes…it is called Affirmative Action.

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Yes, racism is around and always will be. The problem is that now people are so active against racism, they end up causing it.

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Is it considered racism when I work out of a union hall, but had to sit for a couple days because the job was for a minority?

It is and always will be around.

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yes it is. I’ve been turned down to hire a minority. I was atuallu considered the minority in high school. White boy here

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It exists because people want to be the best. We’re competive by nature. If someone is different, certain groups think they are better then them while at the same time, the original group thinks they are better because they are different, and vice versa.

Hmmmm, I think I just sounded real confusing.

Basically, people don’t like other people because they are different.

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I know that some organissations only employ certain people, to get a fair balance in the work place. They call this Positive Discrimination. But I still think it’s Discrimination. (I know, I can’t spell that word)

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Which word organization or discrimination? Just playing with ya Axel, ha ha!!

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I know, it’s late. And don’t forget, I am very very stupid.

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Yes it is, and no you’re not!

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sadly it will be around for a long time, just look at europe (especially Eastern Europe) which has had ethnic conflicts for hundrends of years, and it has only died down a little. only way ppl will come together is if something, like in the movie “Independence Day”, happens, where all humans, no matter race, will have to come together, thats how i feel, although i am not racist, but still see some racism in other ppl that say they aren’t.

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It still exists and it’s got to go!

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Yes. I work in housing discrimination. Racism today is manifested in different ways than it was 50 years ago. Back then, you might hear more racial slurs or people might be turned down when applying for a rental unit right off the bat once the landlord sees the applicant. That stuff definitely still happens, but today, it’s much more common that a landlord will just quote a person of color a higher rental rate, “loose” their application, or do something else to discourage them like telling them that the schools are not very good or the area is unsafe. There are a lot of sneaky discriminators.

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