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What do you call someone who ALWAYS disagrees with everything?

Asked by Nicole8 (567points) September 7th, 2010


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A contrarian

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An insecure narcissist.

These types cannot tolerate differences in opinion because it is too much of a blow to their fragile egos. They have to right or they feel diminished. Horrible character flaw!

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Contrary. Or just a douchebag.

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Argumentative is probably the nicest term I can think of.

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A suckass!
A turncoat!

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No point moving beyond @janbb ‘s answer here.

Unless you wish to demonstrate the principal.

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My ex-Mother-in-Law! She’s the one who argued with her daughter for 30 minutes that FedEx and Federal Express are two different companies.

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My ex-wife.

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A hypocrite. They’re gonna always going to have to believe the opposite of something they took a stand on before…

Of course, they’d probably disagree.

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Luckily, I,ve not known that many impossible people.

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“Honey.” “Yes, dear.” ;)

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My 10 year old children.

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An impossibility – a person can’t disagree with everything.

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A Democrat! Not ALL dems….just well…. most….naw…a few for sure! ;)

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Andy Rooney. Every Sunday night at 7:55 ET, 60 Minutes gives him 5 of their minutes for him to natter on about all the crap he doesn’t like. He doesn’t really know about any of it, or understand it, but dammit, he doesn’t like it one bit and he gets TV time to tell us all about it. O_o

Also, he wants to know what all that stuff on his desk is.

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Didn’t he run out of real stuff and start complaining about “shoes”?

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@iamthemob, the last I saw was him complaining about Lady Gaga. Although I’ll give him props for knowing who she is. He’s been around since at least the Zachary Taylor administration, so, hey, he keeps up, then. Good for him.

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I wouldn’t bother. I try to stay away from people like that.

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someone who ALWAYS disagrees with everything

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Negative Nancy

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@MacBean Why do I always disagree with YOU? Lol. (wink)


Hard to live with. Incompatible.

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@MRSHINYSHOES hahaha There has to be something we agree on. But whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be anything we both find important/interesting enough to answer Fluther questions about.


@MacBean I don’t agree with that! (wink!)

Well, you know I can be pretty patriarchical and old-fashioned sometimes——I’d think we’d both agree on THAT. Lol. ;)

(I do like you, btw).

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An agitater.

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You are totally asking the WRONG question when you ask, “What do you call someone who ALWAYS disagrees with everything”?
The correct question would be, “Why does everyone keep disagreeing with me?”
You get it? HaHA! That of course was an example of how a HABITUAL CONTRARIAN, or an INCESSANT DISPUTANT, or perhaps an UNRELENTING DISSENTER or maybe an UNDEVIATING DEVIATOR might answer your rather good question!

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