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What kind of compliment is unacceptable for a man to give another man?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) September 7th, 2010

As far as I can tell the only acceptable one is “that’s a great tie!”

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What would make a compliment unacceptable…?
Edit: Oh. Right. Homophobia is common around these parts…

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All compliments are acceptable. Unless you’re scared of the “gay.”

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I used to make other guys uncomfortable on purpose by saying, “Nice pants!”

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@rangerr I think you’d get in trouble saying “that’s quite an impressive bulge you have there”

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That’s a great dick, man…..mind if I suck it?

A lot of guys are macho and homophobic, I can’t even say a male celebrity is good looking without some guy saying, “Whoa…man….whoa…”.

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That’s a compliment combined with a request though. :-)

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I never saw such a luxuruous thatch of hair in one man’s ears.

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Nice sex doll!

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you sure do got a purty mouth

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‘Your wife was great last night.’

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That shirt makes your boobs look big

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You could bounce a quarter of your ass.

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“You’ve got a nice bald spot growing there. Keep up the good work.”

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Or for that matter “You did a pretty good job of combing your hair over your bald spot!”

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@Blackberry @rebbel Bwahhhahahhaha, I love it.

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“Mmm. You smell a lot like flowers!”

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Your face looks soft, may I touch it?

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i kinda like the cut of your jib.

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(At the urinal) Nice cock!

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Nice six pack, can I touch it? See what I did there? That compliment could apply to either abs and his beer.

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Wow, I envy your wife.

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“Your wife is smokin’ hot!” Some men are quite jealous.


I can’t think of any since anything that anyone does or says to show kindness is never “unacceptable”.

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