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What is the best software for business?

Asked by Carol (731points) September 7th, 2010

I’m looking for enterprise software for a medium to large business environments. I’ve been reviewing enterprise software. There’s an awful lot out there, and many people make comments about various software, primarily negative. I’m wondering if anyone out there has experience with this….

Thank you.

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Enterprise software for what? Employee management, database, organizational software, Microsoft solitaire?

However, when I hear the word “enterprise”, companies like Oracle, JBoss, and IBM come to mind. They make a wide variety of products, so it’s hard to tell..

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(It’ll be easier for you if you replied publicly using the “Answer this question” box. If you type the @ character, a list of users will come up for you to specifically address. Very helpful.)

By organizational software, I was describing a database and accompanying software for the purpose of organizing any amount of data and your employees deal with. And example would be the software used in libraries to manage a list of available books. More than one librarian from a number of local libraries can manage the same database and see real-time data when a book is checked in or out.

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I heard Oracle is the best in databases.

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I think you have to pay by the space you use on oracle. That would be something to consider if you are on a budget and expect to have large volumes of info.

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@weeveeship Oracle’s open-source MySQL is most certainly a great option for a small to medium-sized business, and it wouldn’t be bad for some of the largest business in the world.

@tablack01 I’ve never heard of this on Oracle Database. Are you sure you aren’t referring to an individual host?

@Carol What is the purpose of your question? Are you an IT expert managing a large company or are you simply curious as to what businesses use?

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I’m a psychologist who consults to business Vortico.

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