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Can I get some lap top advice?

Asked by Trillian (21106points) September 10th, 2010

I need to buy a laptop for a limited application. I need to do some data collection at various places outside of my home. I need internet access and that’s about it. I don’t want to launch a satellite or even try to access email.
So I see a 7inch notebook on ebay that says “7” Mini Netbook Notebook Laptop WIFI Windows CE 2GB HD”
Will this meet my needs?

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A cheap netbook would be fine as long as you don’t need a CD rom drive and you don’t want to do applications that take a fast processor. If you need a CDrom drive you’d have to buy that separately.

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Thank you. Can I further ask if I need to DL anything to make the internet access work? IT says this;
The Windows CE include the following frequently used functions: Web Browsing(Internet Explorer), Wireless internet access and Cable internet, Calculator, PDF Reader, Games, PhotoView, Office, TCPMP Video Player(3GP/MP4/MP3), Media Player(WMA), Winrar software, Recorder.
You can view the link to get the Flash Player 7, but it maybe not fluent at online video display.
Please download and install the format of ”.cab” which is compatible with the operating system”

Why do I need to DL ”.cab”?

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What is DL? Direct link? The laptop has wireles. Many online sites used Flash to display video, in which case you’ll need to download the Flash version that works with the particular version of Windows 7 that your computer has.

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Oh sory. Download.

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Agree, a netbook would be perfect. Just try out a few different ones to be sure the screen size and keyboard are right for you. Otherwise, the specs are all pretty much the same model to model.

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@Trillian It should be ready for use. You may need to download an updated Flash and other stuff, but that’s okay.

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Acer has several series sold at Walmart for around $400. perfect for your needs.

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Seven inches is very small. Unless you have small hands, it is difficult to type on the tiny keyboard. The cab file is a Microsoft cabinet file—a software bundle.

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Windows CE is basically the mobile phone OS, it will Not be able to run applications that you are used to on Windows. Almost certainly a recent (usable) version of Flash will be difficult or impossible to get working, and chances are whatever application you want to use for “data collection” won’t work. (unless it’s notepad, in which case the difficulty would be getting the notes off of it onto something else)
I highly recommend just going for a normal netbook with a normal OS.

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I agree, Windows CE is not even worth being called “laughable”. And forget about finding any software for it, even updates. Hell, my iPod has better internet access than any CE device!

As your needs are so limited, I would recommend an iPad.

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Echoing the netbook idea. I’m not really a fan of the iPad right now, but if you wait a little while you could probably get a better screen and a front facing camera on it within a year. But if you don’t like touchscreens it won’t work at all.

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@dverhey I am not a fan of anything Apple, nor anything that is first generation, so for me to recommend an iPad at all is pretty special. That said, you are correct in that you should wait to get an iPad and I personally think a 7-inch iPad with more features will be far better than the current model.

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I like my very light, smooth as silk, 13” macbook pro. How about one of those?

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@Megan64 First off, it’s overkill. I mean, you wouldn’t use an 18-wheeler with a 53 foot trailer and a cargo capacity in excess of 20 tons just to go food shopping? I would rather use my Toyota Corolla if all I need to haul is a couple of grocery bags, but if you want to use the biggest tool for the job rather than one that is better suited then more power to you.

Second, it’s overpriced. My T135 is about as fast, about the same size/weight, and was only half the price of a Macbook and one-third the price of a Macbook Pro. Of course, even my T135 is overkill, but it’s priced about the same as an iPad. Since I need more that the iPad can offer, I went with the T135, but the OP doesn’t have the same needs you or I do so I feel that an iPad may be better for them.

Third, if size and weight matter, the iPad is lighter. and the iPod Touch lighter still. Combine that with the fact that iOS is smoother than OS X (at least for the OP’s intended use) and the MB Pro looks like almost the worst choice possible. If I wanted internet access from something super-light, I’d use my Droid X. If I needed the same access with a readably large 13” screen, I got my T135.

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