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Are people more rude on answerbag than before?

Asked by Anonymously (43points) September 10th, 2010

Seems like no matter what the question is there’s always rude answers on the site

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That’s too bad. I migrated from AB to Fluther just after they radically changed things last year, and I’ve been very happy here. I haven’t spent any time on AB since then, so I can’t speak for what it’s like now.

Welcome to the collective. Your server will be right by to help you with your needs.

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Since it’s new format and the addition of facebook to the site, it is flooded with people from there and yes, they are often more rude, aggressive, and generally obnoxious. One of the many reasons I have no time for social networking sites.

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I haven’t been back since the crossover, and I don’t miss it one teensy tiny bit.

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I feel like things like that happen on every forum site regardless… Even on fluther, I go on almost everyday but very rarley post answers or questions because I do see some rude responses and comments that I rather avoid getting involved in.

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This is just another reason why the good people left Answerbag and searched for a new home. most of us ended on Fluther. we all came because of word of mouth from one person to another. its difficult to just abandon your friends, just because some people cannot control their mouth and comments. thanks to the Moderators, we do not have this problem on Fluther. they are strict, but not too strict. i like to call them the Hall Monitors. they keept the site clean so that free speech can truly be free, without the clutter that Answerbag contains.

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@Anonymously they have alway been rude… it depends on what time of the news year it is

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i most definitely think so. i’m still a member of Answerbag and some of the members are very rude.

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There are rude users there, but there are rude people on other websites as well. Rudeness is not unique to Answerbag. There are still users there who are quite polite and thoughtful. ^_^

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