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Pageant fees?

Asked by sweetie432 (185points) September 10th, 2010 from iPhone

Hey team! I recently got accepted to compete in a pageant and I was told there was a fee which I understood since I have watched some pageant shows on tlc. However, I just read an article that says if ’ they ask you to pay to compete in a pageant, don’t it’s a scam’ now I’m not too sure what to believe… specially since I would be attending the provincials which then would go to a national level and then a global level.
I’m confussed and hope I’m not part of any scam!
Here’s the website

p.s I know someone who participated in this pageant before and got a title but now I’m just curious to see if maybe an entrance fee isn’t the norm.

Thank you thank you and if you have pageant experience and could give me some tips I would really appreciate it :)

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Why don’t you ask the person that participated in it before so that you stop being confussed?

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The pageants I know of do not require a fee.

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Because I’m not friends with her… And I’m assuming she paid a fee if she participated in it…. I’m asking from experience what is the norm, I thought this was a a good comunity to ask questions in I’m not too pleased with this sass.

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@sweetie432 Hey, hi..I am not a mind reader, I had no idea you’re not friends with the one person that seemed, to me, to be one that could be more helpful to you than a place full of (as yet) strangers who, for the most part, aren’t too into pageants. (I hope people come forward and prove me wrong because I want to see pictures of, particularly, wundayatta or seventhsense in a pageant.)

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