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When you were in school, what was your favourite new school thing to get at the beginning of the school year?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) September 12th, 2010

I loved getting a box of colouring pencils. :D I also loved the sound they make when you put them all into your pencil bag. I still love it. I have so many pencils but i have no idea what to do with them, hehe.

What new thing did you love to get?

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Oh a new pen – always I had to have a new pen. And a new bottle of blue ink.
And praise from my tutors

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All my supplies. Those annual trips to the drugstore were very special, although somehow, I always wound up with at least one item that wasn’t somehow “cool.”

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School paste. Anybody else old enough to remember the jars of School paste you could eat like cake frosting?

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Lunch box!

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@Cruiser minty fresh.

Any art supplies. I was always really excited about brand new notebooks, too.

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Pencils, pens and absolute favourite was erasers of different shapes and sizes which I never wanted to use so as not to spoil them! Ah, those days!

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Anything to draw or paint with :)

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I love, love, love to buy school supplies. Still to this day.

My favorites are the promise of fresh, clean notebooks.

Although black, fine-pointed gel pens are a close second,

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The binder. Like the Mead Trapper Keeper. The clear plastic coating was especially great because you could tear a small hole in the corner, blow air into it, and use it as a pillow. When the hole got too big to hold air you could slit the top and put in any cover “artwork” that you wanted.


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A new binder! Fresh paper, tabs, the whole organizing and labeling process… Then there was the new 3 ring pen/pencil holder… Heck, it still makes me happy just to think about it. You know what? I think I’m going to buy myself some school supplies today just to bring back that wonderful feeling!

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I loved markers. Markers are still my favorite.

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All the new supplies! I loved shopping for it all. That and the smell and feel of brand new school clothes. <3

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(I’m still in school and I get a rush of joy when it is time to buy school supplies.)

Lately, both my favourite and least favourite item to purchase is textbooks. I’ve accumulated a wonderful library since attending university… a wonderful, expensive library.

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Notebooks and new pencil holders. The smell of certain knds of plastic takes me back to those cool pencil holders to this day! I LOVED organizing all my paper and stuff….

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A hot date!! Nice to start the school year off with a smile :¬)

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A new friend. The vast majority of us grew up together from kindergarten through high school graduation. Having someone move into town and join the school was exciting and fresh; they were able to share tales about life outside of our little town.

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New shoes. I’m not the type of girl that is obsessed with shoes nowadays but as a kid I loved getting new shoes because every year my shoes made me feel more and more grown up!

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A new lunchbox. Very difficult to choose what lunchbox says “me”, and always interesting to see what other kids at school chose the same one.

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@Leanne1986 I remember one year getting oxford-type looking shoes, only they were red and blue, and had a big red suede apple on the tops of them. I loved those shoes!

@filmfann The lunch boxes WE had would probably be collectors items now….Dr. Doolittle and lassie and flipper. Metal.

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Nothing. I hated back-to-school shopping. I would scream in agony at the first BTS commercial I saw.

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Definitely a backpack. I always loved getting a new backpack. North Face ftw. :)

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@Dutchess_III The real collectors item would be an intact thermos. I don’t remember one of those lasting thru the year without breaking the glass inside.

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Every year, I got a new Trapper Keeper.

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New shoes and that pair had to last all year… Unlike @Leanne1986 today, I am a shoe fanatic.

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Writing utensils.

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We always got a box of 24 pencils. I thought that was so fun. We only got a new notebook if our old one was completely trashed. But we always got a new package of looseleaf paper. This is very simple compared to what was required for my own children’s supplies for the new school year. But I have the memory of being so happy with my new school supplies so many years ago.

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@filmfann re: thermoses: Unbroken ones would be one that never held chocolate milk! Never held a mother’s attention to her kids who wanted chocolate milk rather than white milk. What kind of collector’s item would THAT be? But yeah, you’re right. I’ll never forget the first time I heard that glass rattling around. It was “Oh crap! I broke it!” But….I never got in trouble….

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A look at the girls.

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