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How do I accessorize my new leather dress?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) September 13th, 2010

I just bought this dress

I really love it. I have no idea what jewelry to wear with it. I bought a cute cardigan so that I can tone it down once in a while, but when I wear JUST the dress what do I do?? Style mavens, please help. I need specific ideas.

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I’d go with one piece of statement jewelry, only. A large cuff, a cocktail ring, large earrings or hair jewelry. Make it floral if you want to add a girlie touch, like a headband with a large flower. If you’re not into girlie, I’d stick with bold but simple like a really wide cuff bracelet or a bunch of really skinny bangles on one wrist only. I’d also wear heals with some color (think yellow, purple, or blue) and a simple but punchy colored clutch.

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I suggest some quality, classy jewellery. Keep it understated and low key because the dress is your major statement and you don’t want to distract from you and that dress! A nice gold rope chain or a nice pendant might do nicely.

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A wide silver cuff bracelet would be my choice.

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Glitter Glitter and more Glitter!

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Oohhhh! Love it. The dress already speaks volumes. I would just accessorize with a few long silver rope chain necklaces, plain.
Then maybe a large sparkly blue ring like on this link
and these earings
I wouldn’t wear a neckless that may take away some of the WOW factor of this dress.
Less is sometimes more. You want people to notice you in the dress. A beautiful neckless would be nice but then everyone will stare at the necklace and not at you in the dress.
I like the ring because it will compliment the dress and yet not be too distracting.
I would sweep my hair back so people will notice the earings and notice how much longer my neck looks in that dress.
Awesome dress, by the way. :D

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Oh maybe these shoes.

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Thanks, everyone!

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Lace, of course.

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