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What exactly is 'toner' when getting your hair done? Is it just dye? Should I be paying $60.00 for just toner, looks easy to do?

Asked by Atticus (15points) September 15th, 2010

I used to get highlights, no longer so my hairstylist now just puts ‘toner’ on but my bill is around $60.00 + tip. I feel it is something I can do myself, any ideas?

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“Toners are applied after you have colored your hair with the desired hair color. It is mostly used to enhance certain color tones or to neutralize certain unwanted color tones. Sometimes, toner can be applied on the natural hair to increase the vibrancy of natural hair color. However, mostly it is used to give finishing touches to the permanent hair color. Technically speaking, toner is a semi permanent, acid based hair glaze, which is used as a corrective technique after a permanent hair color job. Toner is also used for highlights in order to achieve the desired effect. Toner for hair highlights accentuates the overall effect of blond or ashy highlights.”


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