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What are the best sports nicknames of all time?

Asked by Elfman (449points) March 28th, 2008

My company is playing softball and we’re looking for some great names to put on the back of our jerseys…

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Well you could make up your own that match your personalities. But I’d have to say my favourites are: The Fridge and Moose they’re both so Archie-comic-esque. Mark Messier was also known as “The Sparkplug” which I never understood. As kids, we used to call Grant Fuhr “The F├╝hrer” just because.

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What’s your company’s line of business?

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Sorry, misread the question.

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environmental NGO…

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You can’t go wrong with Tiny, Lefty or Swede!


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“Sweetness” aka Walter Payton
“The Professor” aka Alan Prost
“The Intimidator” aka Dale Earnhardt
“Catfish” aka Jim Hunter
“Blue Moon” aka John Odom
“Dr.‘J’ ” aka Julius Erving
“Magic” aka Earvin Johnson
“Pistol Pete” aka Pete Maravich

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“He Hate Me”- Rod Smart (XFL)

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“the Big Unit”- Randy Johnson
“the Big Hurt”- Frank Thomas
“Grandmama”- Larry Johnson
“Prime Time”- Deion Sanders
“the Flying Dutchman”- Arie Luyendyk
“the Birdman” -Greg Andersen
“the Freak”- Javon Kearse

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“Cool” Papa Bell
“Three Finger” Brown
“Vinegar Bend” Mizell

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