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How much money do films make?

Asked by saservp (291points) September 18th, 2010

I wanted to rent a movie today and went to IMDB to check it out, and for the first time for some reason I noticed it mentioned the gross box office income. The film was Gone Baby Gone, and it had an estimated budget of $19mUSD and a box office gros of $20mUSD. That seems like an awful lot of work, investment, and risk for a very very small payoff.

Now I’m interested, hehe, where can I find more detailed information on income/expenses for major feature films?

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Probably only the big summer blockbusters can guarantee to make back their money at the box office. The real money is in the DVD rentals/sales and TV’s rights.

The sad thing is the DVD market is on the way down so there will be less chance for movies to make money and so probably less movies will be made.

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Here is a site that gives you the numbers.

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