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What if you could see thirty seconds of your future?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10277points) September 19th, 2010

Let’s say you could live thirty random seconds of your future at least ten years from now. This would be the future regardless of what you did from then on to change it. Would you want to see it?

What if it was thirty seconds of drowning? What if it was thirty seconds in a mexican prison? What if it was thirty seconds of non-existence? You think of something…

Would you want to live it, or stay in the dark on those thirty seconds?

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Sign me up! I’d love to know.

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Nope. Not interested. That’s what makes life exciting.

To be able to coherently understand 30 seconds of my past pre-birth or in infancy…that would be fascinating….

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30 seconds? I think that’s short enough that I would want to see. As long as it wasn’t something too important.

But now that I think about it, if I see it, I would know and could change events that may lead to that unknowingly. Hmmm. Or start another timeline. But maybe I was meant to see it and change it.

Thinking too much now

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I have a hard enough time remembering the last thirty seconds of the past. You want me to what?

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Nope. It could be 30 seconds sitting on the toilet. I already know about that.

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Maybe, if I could get confirmation that I finally find a guy I want to marry.

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I would make a great prize fighter, even at my advanced age? I’d be real hard to shoot. And I could make tons of money as a day trader on Wall Street.

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I’d be interested in this opportunity, sure.

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I’d love it! If it was good, good- if it was bad, I start doing happy things now!

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@faye what if you were running through a forest being chased by a wolf. lol

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Then I’d better have some fun now!!

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I don’t think I would want to see it. I would probably focus to much on what I saw and wonder when it was going to happen and that would distract me from just enjoying my life as it is now.

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In approximately 30 seconds, no, 22 seconds… wait, 15 seconds, yes, in approximately 5 seconds, I will stop following this question.

Have fun with it ya’ll!

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I see @RealEyesRealizeRealLies checking this question for thirty seconds in his future…

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No I really wouldn’t want to know.
I enjoy the now times. I am more than happy to wait for the future.

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