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How do you cure hiccups?

Asked by zeroearth1304 (32points) September 19th, 2010

I have been hearing a lot of hiccups lately and it’s hilarious! But when I have them, they hurt!!! And I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. ;) Is there any natural cure for hiccups? Is there any cure at all? Or do we just have to wait until they go away?

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I chronically get the hiccups. The only way I’ve been able to cure them since I started getting them at a real young age was to hold my breath and take as many sips of water as I could until I couldn’t hold my breath any longer. That usually does the trick for me. Everything else pretty much doesn’t work for me.

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I don’t know, people tell me things to do and they work sometimes, but not always. Last time I had them, I held my breath for a while and it actually worked. Also, eating a small spoonful of peanut butter works for me sometimes. =]

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Take a look at this . There were some suggestions here that worked for me.

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I make myself aware of the muscle contractions that cause the hiccups and force them to stop.

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I will swear by the peanut-butter method. My brother told it to me and it turns out he learned it from an episode of Arthur. Holding my breath works sometimes, but it’s not a guarantee. The peanut butter method seems to always work for me.

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The 10 sips of water without breathing usually works for me, or bending over and drinking water upside down.

I haven’t heard of peanut butter before. I’ll try that next time.

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Do you have them or are trying to cure someone else? I know of a solution that works 9 times out of 10, but it only works once.

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Easy as pie. Take a deep drink of water while holding a pencil in your mouth. This forces you to breathe in air while drinking, thus enabling a rather large burp. The burp generally ends the hiccups!

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distract yourself.

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After more than 24 hours on non-stop hiccups my doc prescribed a single dose of thorazine…fixed me right up.

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This works every time for typical hiccups. Take a deep breath into your chest, not stomach. Maintain your chest out, and you can still take shallow breaths. This is like holding your breath, the position of your chest, but you can do it longer since you are breathing. Try it for a half a minute. Should work. If not go a little longer on the second try.

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The one that works every single time is to eat a spoon full of sugar. It sounds gross, and Poppins-esque, but it really does work.

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The other way is very difficult…You must stand on your head while drinking that glass of water!

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Usually hot tea works for me.

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Breathing while drinking will make you choke…

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The trick is to get the air go down into your stomach with the water, and not let the water into your lungs. Have you no control over your epiglottis?

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Well if the air is going down your stomach and not your lungs then you aren’t breathing.

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It is not often that one is breathing while drinking. These are a couple of things at which most people simply cannot multi-task successfully/

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I think it has nothing to do with the air, and everything to do with the muscles. I really think you all should try my method and not be drinking and eating all of this stuff everyone suggests. Probably eating, and gulping, and burping, and whatever else is being suggested hold the organs and muscles in a position that has the same affect as my suggestion.

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I drink water upside down to get rid of them, and no, i don’t stand on my head! I bend my body over and drink from the other side of the cup to normal. Works everytime for me!

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I have heard and seen people try just about anything to rid themselves of hiccups. Some work, some, not so much. What I have suggested, that hasn’t failed yet, and it’s all natural, try a swig of Lime juice, about an ounce, and you should get almost instant results. If you don’t have that, get a lemon or a lime, slice it, take and eat the piece, rind an all. This works very well too.

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Thanks, @Jeffinohio , I have a real problem with hiccups and I’ve never heard that. I’ll try it.

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@JLeslie: I use your method every time… and it does work every time.

Except right now.

I’ve tried it about half a dozen times and it isn’t working. I’m sorta going nuts here. lol

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Well, I am glad it worked. Sorry it is not working now. Try to relax, occupy your mind with something else. Then give it another try in 5 minutes or so. Hopefully they will stop before you need to try again.

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