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If you could have chosen your name, what would it have been?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) September 21st, 2010

Personally, I like the name Naomi… or Siobhan.
How about you?

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I want to be Bill Gates.

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I love the name Ada – though apparently it was a very common old-lady’s name back during the war (ww2)...

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : I always pronounced your username as Simon. xD

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I like my name (not mama cakes, but, my real name).

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I honestly really like “Dominic”. I thought I wanted my name to be “Rory” more until I met my boyfriend named Rory. Now I like him having that name more. Same goes for “Avery”. That could’ve been my name and I like it a lot, but now that I have a friend with that name (a girl), I don’t wish it was mine so much anymore.

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Yvonne pronounced Ya von

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I also like Ella.

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Batman. I would have probably named myself Batman.

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I kind of like my name, it grew on me you could say. Yes my name is Ivy!! Yeah, as if. If I could have chosen my name i’d probably have gone for something heroic & magnificent…......Keith, yeah that’s right Keith :¬)

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I think I’d just keep my name. It’s a good name. A little old fashioned and therefore not too common these days. According to my 6 siblings (all older), it was a toss up between my name and Barbara Ann, after the Beach Boys song, and they all got a vote. I was told this years later when we were using the same system to name our new dog. They think they are so funny. :p

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I like my real name.

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Meagan, Mandy or my own name. (:

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Zeus or Jesus Christ either fits. Of couse sexy is just a label not a proper name.

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@troubleinharlem I love Siobhan for a woman’s name. It seems exotic and sexy, and classy.

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Sometimes I wish I had a manlier name because I only know “Piper” as a girl’s name or a last name. But then I think about how unique it makes me and how some girls have told me it’s cute and that makes me not want to change it. =]

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My Parents were big Star Wars Fans… yep… my name is Le’ah ( pronounced like the princess) Of course growing up everyone called me Leah… and I liked Le’ah better, so at around 15 or so I got more of a say and made sure everyone pronounced it right, so I guess in a sense I got to choose my name. Did I mention I’m a huge Star Wars fan too? Yeah, that’s me!

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I wouldn’t respond to anything but “Pineapple” for a short time in college.
I wish I had a more glamorous last name, like Rockefeller or Unicorn.

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Awwwww, PINEAPPLE. ;-)

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@SundayKittens I think that I’m in lurve.

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I actually did choose my name. I changed it legally about 2 months ago. It’s one of the amazing priviledges of being transgendered. :)

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I rather like my name, it’s a keeper. But, say, if someone held a gun to my head and made me change my name.. I’ve always wanted one of those longer names that can be shortened to an androgynous nickname, like Alexandra/Alex, Samantha/Sam. Something really adorable to me about a girl named Alex or Sam, I dunno.

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@MissAnthrope I like you name, as well. It’s pretty.

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I love the name Jasmine. Alas it’s not.

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Just so y’all know. I love the name Deni for a girl.

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I like my name! I used to rant and rave when I was little because all the personalized things you could buy like sticker sets and pencils and mugs never had my name on them. My poor mother had to order everything custom made. But now I love it and would not change it even if I could have. But….if I had to pick, definitely Hammurabi for my first name.

@mama_cakes :) :) :) : ): ) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)!

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Max Power
He’s the man who’s name you’d love to touch
But you musn’t touccchhhhh

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Jake Steele.

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@MissAnthrope when I chose a name for my daughter I specifically chose a name that could be shortened in more than one way, so she could choose one that suited her. In the end she shortened it in a different way I’d not even thought of.

Also coincidentally, if my daughter had been a boy his name would have been Alexander/Alex.

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@mama_cakes – Thanks! I like yours, too and not only because it’s my middle name. ;)

@deni – I had the same experience growing up. My mom liked to find neat stuff she could customize, though, so that made it better. I went by my middle name in 5th grade because I hated having a weird name that no one could spell or pronounce. (the kids found me out toward the end of the year, so my ruse was not successful)

Anyway, right around the time I started really liking my name and that it was unusual, there was coincidentally an increase in the popularity of my name. The trend up until the 70’s was name conformity, now the trend is toward unusual names and ‘creative’ spellings of common names. I can’t win.

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Awwww shucks.
Yeah, what is it???

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Neva. It’s a family name (and a river in Russia). Much more interesting than my actual name…

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@deni & @SundayKittens

“My name is Anastasia Beaverhausen. Anastasia as in Russian royalty, Beaverhausen as in…where the beaver live. ”

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@downtide : wait, if you’re transgendered you can choose your name?

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@troubleinharlem In several countries, it is legal to change your name. For example, when some people marry, they sometimes change their last name to match that of the spouse. A woman I once knew changed her first name from something common to ‘Morgan’. It’s just a legal procedure.

When I was 17, friends talked me into going to the local college to have a fake ID made up so we could get into bars. The name used was Clark Lane McPherson (the first two as a nod to Superman characters). If anything, I would have preferred to have been named after my Aunt Beverly, as I was born on her birthday, but I’m content with what it is.

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@deni Then you can be Hammurabi Sloth Hammurabi

I never really minded my first name, although it was really popular around the time I was born. But my middle name bugged me. It’s my mom’s maiden name, and now I can appreciate it, but when I was a kid I just wanted something normal like Kate.

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Hey now…Kate isn’t thaaaaat normal. :/

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Sid. Short for Sidney.

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I was almost named Rafael. My real name is Michael, which is cool, but Rafael would have been badass.

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And then you could join up with Leonardo and Michaelangelo and Donatello and eat pizza and fight crime!
I volunteer as your obligatory damsel in distress (no ditzy princesses this time… Just delirious ones).

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Raphael was my favorite Ninja Turtle!

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hell yeah

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I like my real name, it suits me well (when pronounced correctly).

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@troubleinharlem Yeah, A Boy Named Sue is a good song, but it’s not a fun way to live life.

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@troubleinharlem In many places (including the UK) you can legally change your name for any reason, it’s not restricted to just transgendered people.

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@downtide: Oh, yeah, I knew that you could change your name as anyone… the way you said it at first made me think that transgendered people… I don’t know, it’s too early for me.

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@troubleinharlem If you mean that I implied that only transgendered people change their names, it’s my observation that, aside from people changing surnames due to marriage or divorce, that really is the case. Very very few people ever think to change their first name(s) even if they don’t like them. To me, changing my name legally was like a rite of passage, and it felt like a significant turning point in my life.

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The reason I chose the name Hutton is my real name is Quay. In high school, my nickname was Hutton. Long story….but, always liked that name. In college, my teammates called me, “boatdock!” Can anyone understand why? Test.

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@downtide : yeah, that makes sense. (:

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