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Where do the comments under my name come from?

Asked by rainbowspirit (243points) September 23rd, 2010

I am new to fluther so please excuse my ignorance. Where do the changing comments under my name come from. Also are there people who continually monitor this site?

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The changing comments under your name a declarations of love to you from the website

And yes, this site is beautifully monitored by a group of very hardworking people, whom we all love and adore :-)

Welcome to Fluther!

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I love these…

“Don’t tell anyone…but your our favourite”

Makes me smile every time i see that one!

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The comments are just a little something to make you smile.
As to the monitoring, the moderators are a group of users that volunteer their time (YAY MODS) to keep the site civil and free of spam and trolls. I’m sure there are times they’d much rather just participate, but they work very hard. Follow the basic guidelines, play well with others, and you’ll have a great time here!

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The comments are a group of comments that cycle through on a random basis. They are fun, though, aren’t they?

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I just got “Wow, you smell really good.”

I like that one. ^_^

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Sometimes they are very practical, for example, I just got this one: You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!

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Yeah I just got a relatively new one.“Won’t you be our neighbour?” A little optimistic considering the Atlantic void between us. Still I like them, they’re a bit of fluff :¬)

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it’s automatic messages, if that’s what you meant….I know, I was surprised to see those too when I first started here, it’s a nice little touch…lurve to all!

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“You’re back! Our wish came true.” – Damn right!

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“You had us at hello.”
“You make us weak in the knees.” :) awwww…

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[mod says] A lot of those comments came from our members suggestions. Just a little touch of whimsy. And yep, we’re here, pretty much 24/7, keeping an eye on the site.

Welcome and enjoy!

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“Have you been working out? Thought so.” – Why yes I have!

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“We’ve been expecting you.” – You have now have you?

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@Gamrz360 Indeed we have! What took you so long? ;-)

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I just saw my favorite one after realizing I’ve been fluthering (that’s a verb, right?) about for 8 straight hours:
You deserve a vacation.
log out

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