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Are your dog and kittie in love with each other?

Asked by Aster (18941points) September 27th, 2010

I want both these pets-now! Do you have a situation like this at your place?

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Yep. My basset hound and my black cat are practically inseparable. They sleep together, they groom each other, they follow each other around the house. If my cat walks into the room the basset hound will get up and start wagging her tail and getting all excited. It’s cute. When my basset was being crate trained there were times that it was seriously hard to get the cat out of the crate. He really really wanted to sleep in there with her, and one time he managed it when we didn’t see him and shut her in. lol.

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I love it. They sound adorable!

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They really are, it is so cute to see them together. :) I think what makes it even better is that they are not the only pets in the house. They really do have a special bond.

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Dammit! I loathe that song.

Those two were cute, though.

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Aww.. so cute. Thanks for sharing.

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I have 2 Maine Coons and a German Shepherd Dog.They get along very well,play together and even share food.Bill will slap food off his hutch and the dog will eat it up.He likes to feed her!XD I think that dog would protect them.They are her buds :)

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