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Does South Dakota governor Noem's murdering her dog make her tough enough to be Trump's VP choice?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33182points) 1 week ago

read this and many other articles.

In her new biography, she details how she killed her dog. The sub-story is that the book was released now (during the primary and election run-up) to show how tough she is, which would make her more attractive as a candidate to Trump.

Does killing your dog qualify you to be vice president?

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I would say that it would qualify her to be his hit man, but that profession requires a certain amount of discretion. Unless, of course, his absolute immunity is granted, then a presidential pardon would absolve her.
Very tidy.

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Makes her sound like sociopath. But that’s probably a bonus for a politician.

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Sociopaths make the perfect pair for POTUS and VP in the cult of MAGA.

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No one’s going to mention this, but the goat was more egregious in my opinion. The dog wasn’t behaving, which is arguably the whole point of dogs. Killing a goat because it’s disgusting and mean is just killing it because it is a goat. They’re all disgusting and mean. I seriously doubt her farm cred.

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Bragging about it to prove how tough you are is the most egregious part of this.

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Blatant disregard for life is on the checklist. CHECK

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I think the entire thing is being blown WAY out of proportion. The story she related is 20 years old. The book she released was far more than one snippet of a story. The facts do matter too. SD state law specifically states that a dog that kills livestock can be put down. She had the dog to use as a working dog on their ranch. It was high strung and could not be trained properly. She tried funneling the energy into hunting but the dog was to wound up for that. It ended up going onto the neighbor’s property and killing a bunch of chickens. I believe it also bit some people. It wasn’t taking to the training for hunting or for ranch work, it killed her neighbor’s livestock and posed a threat to humans. So she killed it. It really was the responsible thing to do.

Question: if she had taken it to the vet to put it down, would that have made it more acceptable to everyone? The dog would be dead either way.

To ask if this story qualifies her to be VP, my answer is that it wasn’t written for that purpose. Yes, it was just released, but it was written long ago (relatively) before she was any kind of contender for a VP position. Taking the book in toto might be a question, but this one story? Nah. It has no bearing on it.

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@Seawulf575 don’t forget the goat.

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@seawulf575 Yes, please tell us how the reactionary right-wing media is spinning this atrocity. Very good. Yes, she will make the perfect running mate. Perfect.

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@seawulf575 Chickens aren’t considered livestock under SD state laws…

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@gorillapaws Got any evidence of that? What I’ve found is that in SD chickens can be considered livestock. Some areas they are, others they aren’t. Got a state statute that says they aren’t?

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What about the goat? It suffered while she ambled back to her truck to get a second bullet.

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It would, indeed have been more humane to have both animals put down by the vet. Shooting does not create an instantaneous death, pain and shock, however short, precede death. “Putting to sleep” is not just a euphemism.

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@Hawaii_Jake How will the “reactionary right-wing media” going to spin this? Why like we do with most things. We use facts. We start by not throwing out emotional words like “atrocity” without backing them up somehow. So, why is this an atrocity?

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@chyna and @jca2 Sorry, the question was about the dog. But the goat could fall into the same category. For that matter we could add in the 3 horses.

Let me ask: have either of you ever lived in the country? Raised animals for food? Have you ever had to butcher a chicken? A goose? A rabbit? Something bigger? Have you ever hunted? Every year there are tons of deer that are shot and continue to live and run away while they bleed out. Is that really any different than the goat?

How about this one: Do you eat chicken or do you know someone that eats chicken? Most chickens are raised in horrible conditions, spending their entire lives in cages and being force fed to fatten them up. Is that more atrocious than raising a dog or a goat (or any other animal) and making a decision to get rid of that animal? In suburbia or in the city, taking the pet to a pound or finding a rescue shelter is an option. In an area like SD with lots and lots of land and very few people, this suddenly becomes much more difficult to do. So you do what you need to.

There is selective outrage about this because the name “Trump” was put out. Change the name Trump to Biden, change the® to (D) and see if the opinions change.

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an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury:
“war atrocities” · “scenes of hardship and atrocity”.
The atrocity was shooting animals in the head and letting them die slowly.
@seawulf575 back atcha. Change the name to Kamala Harris and see how you feel.

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@chyna Yes, but “wicked” or “cruel” are subjective terms. Shooting a dog that is harmful to others is not wicked or cruel to me. Shooting a goat that is out of control is not out of control to me. I once had a goose that was leading the flock to my garden every day. I caught him, hung him up, cut his throat to bleed him out and had him for dinner. None of the geese would go near the garden after that. Was that wicked or cruel? I didn’t think so. It was tasty.

As for changing the name to Kamala, I’d feel the same way. But you really didn’t actually respond to how the answers would change if it were Biden and Democrats instead. You can’t really “backatcha” until you have actually addressed it up front.

And you completely dodged all the rest of the questions I have posed. Would it have been better if she took the dog to the vet to put it down? Would that soothe your sensibilities? The dog would have died either way. I’d suggest neither way would have been more humane than the other. Should we outlaw deer hunting because so many don’t get killed outright with the first shot? Would it be more humane to let the herds of deer starve every year?

So many of these answers are from people that have never lived in the country and have never raised animals. They are from people that are picturing the sweet family pet that never did any wrong to anyone suddenly being snatched up, taken out and shot. That is the picture they are reacting to. But the reality is far different.

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The goat wasn’t out of control. She just didn’t like him.

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I actually agree with @seawulf575 on this one. It’s a story blown way out of proportion that the echo chambers are amplifying. Although I do think it was a stupid thing for her to put in her book. What was she thinking would be the reaction?

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But the answer to the OP is yes.

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This is not blown out of proportion by any means. It clearly shows she just decided to do it herself and thinking she knew what was right. Similar trait as Trump.
Euthanizing an animal is done by injection of sodium pentobarbital. Anything else can be considered cruel.
Shooting an animal for these means even when done correctly can result in violent convulsions of the animal.
I hardly think she was trained on how to properly administer a brain shot correctly. There is a specific method and aim which is different for each animal.

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@seawulf575 “Got a state statute that says they aren’t?”

“40–15-1.3. ‘Livestock’ defined.
For purposes of this chapter, the term, livestock, means cattle, sheep, horses, mules, swine, goats, and buffalo.”


No chickens mentioned.

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@canidmajor – nah. I think the killing actually outweighs the bragging.

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@gorillapaws Thank you. It’s nice to see someone citing an actual law for a change. However this law was concerning the control and operation of livestock auctions and the livestock auction agency. Since they don’t auction chickens, it would not apply in this law. Your own citation shows that the definition is only for this law. Livestock could be chickens, geese, rabbits…just about anything you might raise. Since Gov Noem’s neighbor wasn’t auctioning chickens, it wouldn’t fall under this law. But it could still be viewed as livestock.

The closer law to this situation is SD-40–34 40. Animals and Livestock. Chapter 40–34. Dog Licenses and Regulation.

Applicable statutes include:

40–34-1. Killing of dog lawful when disturbing domestic animals.

It shall be lawful for any person to kill any dog found chasing, worrying, injuring, or killing poultry or domestic animals except on the premises of the owners of said dog or dogs.

Source: SDC 1939, § 40.1312.

40–34-2. Liability of owner for damages by dog disturbing domestic animals—Property subject to execution—Violation as misdemeanor.

Any person owning, keeping, or harboring a dog that chases, worries, injures, or kills any poultry or domestic animal is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor and is liable for damages to the owner thereof for any injury caused by the dog to any such poultry or animal. All property except such as is absolutely exempt, is subject to execution issued upon a judgment for such damages and costs.

Source: SDC 1939, § 40.1312; SL 1991, ch 186, § 28.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but it specifically lists Poultry as one of the things a wayward dog should not be bothering. In fact, trying to keep this dog would have made Noem guilty of a misdemeanor.

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@Forever_Free Sounds serious. Got a citation that would apply in South Dakota? Or is it just that you are used to euthanasia happening in a vet’s office? In cities and populated areas this is the normal way things are done. South Dakota, on a ranch, is neither a city nor a populated area.

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@seawulf575 if you look at 40–34–1 it says “It shall be lawful for any person to kill any dog found chasing, worrying, injuring, or killing poultry or domestic animals except on the premises of the owners of said dog or dogs. (emphasis added)

She murdered Cricket on her own property which is explicitly forbidden in this law. She committed a class 2 misdemeanor.

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I really don’t care about the legality of it. She didn’t have to kill the dog. There are places you could take the dog where they would be safe, and the dog would thrive.

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I grew up on a farm with goats. Not one was mean or disgusting. It’s true that some bucks will pee on their own face, but that just makes them sexy…to does.

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I think it’s hilarious, personally. Like Lauren Hoebert and her movie theater handy-J. Politicians are freaks, and every bit of dirty laundry deserves to be aired. It’s not particularly interesting, but it is funny, especially since this one seems to be turning even people who would’ve otherwise supported her against her. Americans love dogs; this was a case of not reading the room.

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Here is where I don’t care what someone calls it, it’s disturbing at best.
It wasn’t an isolated incident.
Little men, or females, sometimes get a kick out if killing things, because it makes them feel powerful.

Obviously. Such behavior is indicative of any number of mental illnesses, ALL of which show violent tendency.

I hear what Wulf is saying.
I’ll skip farmers and go to “people in tha country.”
People in tha country, shoot dey dogs.

Yes. It is a low class, outdated style of living. One that only exists because of ignorance of better ways. In many cases, self-imposed ignorance.

I know older people, who have shot dogs before. Some people in my father’s family, shoot everything and everybody.
I don’t often consider myself “better” than a stranger.
Here, I do.
Had I done such things, and I’ve been a dumbass kid before, I would be ashamed of such behavior. NOT proud of it.

Often, actions are regretted.
If you regret an action, it means you understand that the action was wrong. That, is understandable.
The only thing I understand about such people, is that I hope they die out.

And by the way, if we are putting animals down over being hideous and disgusting, we need to start in Washington DC.

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I absolutely despise “people” who hurt animals. I think she’s a piece of s**t and a fool for broadcasting it. I hope she does lose the VP specifically because of her cruel actions. But she’d be a perfect match for trump, who doesn’t like dogs. and I think, but don’t know that he’s the only president who hasn’t.

Having said that, I agree with @seawulf575 on one point. Someone – probably a person whose only job is to dig up dirt – found this story and ran with it. And precisely because we’re a nation which, in general, treats its animals well, it has grown exponentially in importance.

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Ol’ Mitt Romney, I think, did suffer from his story of having the family dog in a crate on the roof for 12 hours on a road trip.

I definitely recall thinking, well that’s not the critical thinking, or empathy I would want from a POTUS…..

People’s dog’s, in America, are as important (or more important) as human family members.
It’s, to me, an ancient relationship.
Man, and canine.
They will die for us, or walk through fire, if need be.
They ARE a family member, in a good “dog family.”
Just yesterday I was in a parking lot, and noticed a yellow lab in the back of a truck. No body was in the truck, and the dog was not tied in. It just sat there, like a true professional, watching the truck.
A family started walking towards them, and the dog’s ears perked up.
It was a 30-something couple, with a young daughter and boy. I watched, as the dog seemed to ensure it accounted for everyone, and it was almost palpable that the dog had a undying love for these people.
As if to drive the point home, the man driving gave the dog a quick pat, and “gooboi.”
It dutifully hoped out, kept the kids close, and followed them into the truck to leave.

There are a million things wrong with hurting dogs, just because.

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Quotes from Noem’s fellow Repubilcans, article from MSN:

“I’ve always been a strong advocate of a woman as VP, because I think you have some strong women — although maybe Kristi Noem is maybe a little too based,” former White House strategist Steve Bannon told Donald Trump Jr. on Trump’s “Triggered” show.
“Shooting the puppy in the gravel,” Bannon added, struggling not to laugh.

Yes, even Bannon, who has embraced the honey badger as an avatar for his ruthlessness, thinks Noem went too far. Trump Jr. echoed his thoughts.

“Not ideal,” Trump Jr. said. “I read that and I’m like, ‘Who put that in the book?’ Your ghost writer must really not like you, if they are going to include that one. That was rough.”

“The worst part of it is that it wasn’t a hit job. She volunteered the information. So, when somebody tells you who they are, believe them,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, a New York Republican, told Politico.

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In writing, there’s this concept known as “kicking the dog.” It refers to any act of unnecessary cruelty designed to instantly turn the audience against a character. This chick comes across as a psychotic bitch. I think her political career is over.

@smudges This isn’t something that was unearthed after years of careful digging into her past. It’s an excerpt from her new book that’s she’s promoting.

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^^ I’m mistaken. It was the event which happened quite some time ago. Still no excuse.

“So, when somebody tells you who they are, believe them.” Love it!

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@Demosthenes – maybe we can move past calling women we don’t like “hoes” though?

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@gorillapaws I read that as more that if your dog is causing problems with your neighbor, your neighbor can shoot the dog if he/she likes, unless the dog is on the owner’s property. Can’t have people going over to each others homes to shoot their pets. I know you desperately want this to be illegal, but it really isn’t. You cited the wrong law so we got past the claim that chickens aren’t applicable. But when given the right law you still have to try to find the gotcha in it. And since the event happened 20 years ago, do you think that even it her action were illegal (I am not saying it is, you are), that the statute of limitations is still in effect? Dream on. That is just another example of why this is a huge nothing burger that the left is trying hard to blow out of proportion.

Here’s the simple answer to one an all: If Noem became Trump’s running mate and this story so offended you that you wouldn’t vote for them, then don’t. You wouldn’t vote for them anyway so it isn’t much of a loss.

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To me, it’s cruel and if I came home from school like Noem’s daughter did and found out that my mother shot my pet, I would not forgive her for that. It doesn’t matter (to me) whether or not chickens are livestock or whether or not shooting the dog is legal or not, because that’s not the issue. Even if it would be legal in that state, it wouldn’t matter to me. It’s just cruel. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not killing a dog is a “way of life” for farm people, either.

What is telling, and intersting, is that Noem’s fellow Republicans agree with me (as I quoted above). Maybe not all do, but that some are speaking out tells you something.

The dog was young and if she didn’t want it, she could have given it to a shelter. There are transports that would have transported the dog up north and it could have lived a happy life iwth a family. From what I read, the dog didn’t attack people, it attacked the neighbor’s chickens. The dog was still young and could have been trained, or not housed with chickens.

You could swear up and down and rant and rave and argue that this is acceptable behavior and I’ll never agree.

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@seawulf575 “I read that as more that if your dog is causing problems with your neighbor, your neighbor can shoot the dog if he/she likes, unless the dog is on the owner’s property.”

You certainly can read that however you want, but that’s not what it actually says.

@seawulf575 “You cited the wrong law so we got past the claim”

You were the one that cited 40–34–1… and I simply pointed out that chickens weren’t included in “the definition of livestock” for that law. You literally asked us to ”...correct me if I’m wrong…”

Then you decided it wasn’t relevant and so jumped to the other law, which explicitly forbids killing the dog on the owners premise. If you want to “read in” language that isn’t there, go ahead, but you and I both know that’s not how laws work. And at that point we’re no longer “citing an actual law for a change” and just conjecturing on how the SD livestock laws ought to have been written.

At the end of the day, the point is moot. The statute of limitations has expired long ago, but it points to derangement that she believes these acts show a virtuous character. I’ve had to put down my dog, and we went to the vet and had him euthanized humanely to end his suffering from cancer. I was there with him to the end. It was brutal and gut wrenching. I can’t imagine blowing his head off and then bragging about it in a book.

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@seawulf575 My statement was straightforward and has nothing to do with SD law.

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@gorillapaws The one you cited was the rules for operation of Livestock Auctions. For THAT application, chickens were not on the list. However, the law I cited is exactly what this case was about and chickens (poultry) is mentioned not once but twice. More if I copied/pasted the entire statute. You were wrong and just can’t admit it.

As for your interpretation of what I cited, let me ask: you just said you could read it however you want. You read it one way, I read it the other. So what is your SD legal degree that makes your interpretation the only one? You’re grasping.

But at least you finally admit it is moot. However it doesn’t point to derangement. That is your view of it, but given the norms of her area, it isn’t. Yes, you had to put your dog down and you took it to the vet. Do you live in a city or in suburbia? I’m guessing you do. That is the normal way people in cities and suburbs do it. Partly because discharging firearms is frowned upon, if not illegal, in those areas. Also, let me guess: you have about 3–7 veterinarians to choose from in about a 5 mile radius? In the wide open spaces of SD, things are different. You might have to drive 20–50 miles to get to a vet. You are right, though, that killing a pet is hard. it isn’t something most people do lightly and Noem was no different. That is probably why it made its way into a book. It isn’t easy to do, but as with so many things adults have to contend with, she took care of it.

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@Forever_Free Well gee, you said how euthanasia is supposed to be done. Supposed to by what standard? You said that anything else is considered cruel. Considered cruel based on what? You said that shooting a dog could lead to convulsions after death and you indicated there is training to ensure it is done right. What training? What dictates this training? What is dictating what “right” is?

You list all these things as if you are an expert in the field yet now you say you are just voicing an opinion. So your opinion is based on your feelings? So your own biases are involved and since Trump was mentioned you will try to find the worst and present it as fact. Got it.

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My brother owns a farm with chickens and goats. They have had to put a couple of goats down due to health reasons. They called the vet to come and euthanize them. So apparently it was her choice as to manner of killing.
I was surprised to read somewhere up there that this happened about 20 years ago. So it was in the 2000’s. Most ranch and farm owners know how to give vaccines and shots to their animals. I have no doubt she chose to shoot them for her own satisfaction because she hated both of those animals, according to her book.
I’m out of this discussion because I think we all know where each other stands and there’s no more to add.

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@chyna Most ranchers or people that have a lot of pets can give them vaccines. You can pretty much mail order the vaccines and it isn’t hard to do. We used to do it when I was married 30 years ago. But you can’t order every medicine that could be used so it is possible the drug used for euthanasia was not available.

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@seawulf575 The answer to nearly all your questions and pushback is “use common sense”

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The drug used for euthanasia, is a barbiturate. It’s a controlled substance, and you can’t legally possess it, unless you’re a DVM.

However. Farms typically have vets come to them. Even surgery on large animals, is sometimes done on sight.
It is VERY common, for vets to accommodate someone by performing euthanasia outside of a veterinarian office, or “making house calls.”

Given the story we know, which is what Noem provided, not hearsay, she went out of her way to kill something.

Shooting an animal to prevent further suffering, is one thing.
These animals were not sick, or suffering. Each animal could have been adopted out. Killing was her decision.
Yes. That’s very telling about a person’s thought process. She placed herself, in the company of murderers and psychopaths, by crowing about the acts.

@Forever_Free “Common sense,” isn’t so “common.”

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@Forever_Free My experience has shown me time and again that there is nothing common about common sense. In this situation, common sense would be that the dog has to die. Shooting it or stabbing it with a needle, either way the dog dies. But you don’t think that is right. So common sense is about the farthest point of resolution as you can get.

But when you present things as facts and they are only your opinions, expect to get challenged.

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^And why did the dog “have” to die?

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It’s not the dog’s killing that surprises me.

Why does Governor Noem think that it’s something to included in an autobiography? What strange need did she have to expose such a thing, which would have otherwise remained silent.

The problem isn’t with killing the dog – it’s a personality disorder on her part that made her want totell the world.

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@elbanditoroso I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if it was pertinent or not. I doubt seriously that while talking about growing up and helping mom bake apple pies she suddenly went onto a tangent to talk about killing Cricket and the goat (and the 3 horses). And since I won’t be buying the book, unless I find it at the library or something I won’t be solving that mystery.

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@MrGrimm888 That’s pretty much spelled out in the laws I cited earlier. It was a known problem dog. Owning it would constitute a misdemeanor. I’m fairly certain there would be liability for giving it away and not telling whomever got it.

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@seawulf575 She could have put the dog up for adoption (which was suggested by at least one person above). There are pet adoption transports from up here (NY, CT, etc.) that would have transported the dog north and it was young enough to be adopted by someone. If it killed chickens, but was going to live in a household that had no chickens, and be confined to their yard, no crime would be committed as you allege.

In the state of CT, if a dog should kill a neighbor’s chickens, the owner of the dog would of course be financially responsible for the chicken(s) but nobody would advocate for shooting the dog.

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I’m going to go with a “Point of order” comment here as the question is in General. Whether or not she was “right” to shoot her dog is immaterial. The fact is she did it, and the OP asks whether it will worsen her political prospects.

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I just read that she talks in her book about meeting Kim Jong Un, despite never having met him. Maybe she’s a mental case. Here’s the link:

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@seawulf575 From the Horses Mouth during an interview – “Noem — who wrote about dragging her female dog out to a gravel pit and shooting her — the benefit of the doubt. “Is there a difference which way you put a dog down?” he asked. “I’m not really sure.””

After killing Cricket — she then decided to kill a “nasty and mean” family goat, dragging it to the same gravel pit where Cricket met her demise. But the goat jumped as Noem shot it, forcing the Republican governor to return to her truck for another shell.

The scene of slaughter ends with Noem’s kids getting off the school bus, and her daughter asking, “Hey, where’s Cricket?”

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As @jca2 showed, Noem has lied about several things in her book. If she is starting out as a liar, she doesn’t need to be in office.

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Wulf. I don’t know her state’s laws, but I can almost guarantee you are incorrect.

The ONLY times I have seen a dog be euthanized over behavior, is if they have killed someone else’s dog, and a court decides the animal should be put down, or if the dog has attacked a person.

Even when dogs bite people, the dog is not immediately euthanized. Unless it’s obviously rabid, the animal is usually quarantined if it is not up to date on it’s rabies vaccine. If it shows no signs of rabies, under quarantine, then it is largely up to the “victim” (either a person bit, or a person whose dog was killed by another) to pursue the euthanasia of the animal.

When I was a LEO, I got bit several times by dogs. Each time, if the dogs vaccine history is in question, it was up to me if the dog should be euthanized for rabies testing.
The only way to test for rabies, is by removing the animals head.
Each time, I felt the dogs were just being dogs, and often trying to protect their owner.
I have some gnarly scars on my left forearm, from a dog. I got it covered with tattoos years ago.
It is EXTREMELY rare, for dogs to be considered enough of a nuisance that they must be put down.
In almost every incident, relocating the dog is explored to great lengths.
When owners refuse to give their dogs over for quarantine, or refuse to work to with authorities over a problem, THEN ot can be legally taken by law enforcement.
Even then, it’s unlikely that the dog would be euthanized.

As far as discharging a firearm, it is not legal unless you are on private property, and even then, there are a lot of restraints on shooting. Because bullets can be lethal, at long distances.

No. This woman killed a dog, because she wanted to kill something. Then, when that brief thrill was over, she immediately sought another animal to kill.
Obviously, she is SO broken, or conservatives are, that she thinks this is something to crow about.

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@Forever_Free The question was not that she put this story into the book, but why.

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@MrGrimm888 You don’t know the SD state laws because you don’t want to look them up. But I did look them up and even cut and pasted the applicable statutes earlier in this thread.

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New news Saturday: Colorado GOP group cancels Noem fundraiser over death threats – fallout from her new memoir: Link:

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@jca2 It appears that this puppy has gone from being a rambunctious puppy that was hard to train to a full blown Cujo.
It all but ripped her throat out. Ugh.

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“Owning the dog, would be a misdemeanor.”
☆That’s your interpretation of SD law. Again however, there is no reason to euthanize the animal.
Shooting the puppy, and then a goat that according to her suffered mightily, certainly constitutes animal abuse, and in most such cases that is a felony.

First off. If she was a responsible dog owner, the dog could not possibly be any sort of threat to anything.
Law enforcement could decide such things, if they are aware.
When you call Animal Control, they do not operate as a police officer. They speak with involved parties, and possibly temporarily remove the animal in question.
Options are available, but having someone else’s dog euthanized is pretty hard to do.
I’m guessing that she went through all of the legal steps. And that’s when it was decided that the ONLY option was to have a girl shoot the dog, and another uninvolved animal. SD law?

Secondly. She, or perhaps her parents should have understood that she was not responsible enough for such things like being unattended with a puppy.

Additionally. I believe it’s odd, that you quote her state’s laws, yet she doesn’t, as an excuse.

I also find it nearly impossible to believe that had she sought ANY help with the animal, it would have been taken off of her hands.

Going by SD laws, was the goat guilty by association? I’m not feeling like looking that up either….Apologies.

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@MrGrimm888 “Any person owning, keeping, or harboring a dog that chases, worries, injures, or kills any poultry or domestic animal is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor ” That is the wording from the SD law. How would you interpret it?

See, this is the problem. I post things like this and you guys on the left don’t want to bother reading or believing them (not sure which). So you say I’m making it up. How many times do you have to be told the facts of a situation before you finally agree with it? It’s exhausting dealing with people who make up their own facts, ignore the ones that are completely verifiable, and then try to tell me I’m wrong for believing those verifiable facts. Your stance is insanity…you are living in a fantasy.

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Just FYI, 10:33 EDT Sunday May 5 – she is being interviewed on Face The Nation right now.

And so far, in the first five minutes, she has already raised a brow or two.

jca2's avatar

@canidmajor I’m watching it. Her ducking of the lie she put in the book about meeting Kim Jong Un was amazing.

jca2's avatar

Now she says “these animals were attacking my children.” Hahaha no mention of that in the book. She says the dog tried to bite her. In my experience with young dogs, they can be mouthy and nippy.

Newt Gingrich was critical of the book and said it ended any possibility of her being VP.

canidmajor's avatar

I love Ms. Brennan, and how she keeps trying to cut through the word salad.

jca2's avatar

It was like interviewing a zombie.

canidmajor's avatar

Just waiting for our resident whataboutist to chime in with outrage. :-)

jca2's avatar

@canidmajor Wait for it, wait for it….....

MrGrimm888's avatar

Wulf. Owning the dog, could constitute a misdemeanor.
You seem to have trouble understanding that shooting a puppy, is NOT the same as her not being allowed to own it.
Not to mention, court ordered euthanasias of domestic animals is to be done by a veterinarian with “humane” means. That means that the dog gets an intravenous catheter, and is administered what a doctor calculates is a lethal dose of a controlled substance.
No different than how people are killed by injection.

And you willfully omitted the “justification” of shooting the goat twice.

Again. According to Noem, not MSNBC, she did this.
JUST like Trump, she is her own worst enemy.
There is no “interpretation” required. She chose the story, and the wording.

Nor have you explained why this potential future VP, couldn’t be responsible enough to keep the dog from being a nuisance.

Fact time.
According to Noem ; the dog “was a ‘trained assassin,” with “an aggressive personality.”
The incident in question, according to her, happened on the way home from a pheasant hunt.
You know, a type of hunting that uses dogs to help hunt birds?
Likely THE reason she had the dog on the hunt.
On the way back from the hunt, she claims the dog attacked some chickens. (How crazy, considering she JUST was hunting birds.)
“I hated that dog.” Noem writes.
“At that moment, I had to put her down.”
That’s when SHE describes she dragged the puppy to a gravel pit, and shot it.
Following that incident, she then dragged a “nasty goat” to the same pit. The goat “jumped” when she shot at it, so then she had to go to her truck (a trip where she never lost the desire to kill) With more ammo, she shot and killed the “nasty goat.”

And yes, as mentioned above the same day when her child got home from school, “where’s Cricket?”

There is absolutely ZERO mention of ANY legal process, let alone some law being enforced.

So. It appears that you spent your time researching ways to lie about the incident, instead of reading her own words.

She also mentions having to kill three horses. The methods of killing, were not mentioned.

Stop trying to make it “Old Yeller 2.0.” She just straight shot her family’s puppy. AND the next closest animal.

Care to change your complete bullshit logic, now that the facts are different?

seawulf575's avatar

@MrGrimm888 She can’t own the dog. And since the law states that if you own a dog that acts the way this one did it is a misdemeanor, that means anyone she gave it to would be guilty of that misdemeanor. So she can’t keep it and she can’t give it away. What does that leave?

As for your speculations about why she had the dog, it’s very simple and your guesses are off base. She owned a ranch and wanted a dog to help on the ranch. When it was way out of control she started trying to train it to hunt which it was out of control for too.

Here’s the part that gets me. You are all bunched up because she shot a dog 20 years ago. You are this bunched up because her name was mentioned along with Trump. Admit it. If she had been on the short list of VPs for Biden you’d be downplaying this like crazy. Because that’s what you do.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^100% false, according to HER.
It was an instantaneous decision by her. Nobody talked with the neighbors, nobody called law enforcement, no sort of process that eventually led to the incident. She just got mad, at a puppy, and shot it to death.

And AGAIN, you deflected from the goat.

You need to call Noem, and explain that her story is not correct, and that you actually have it figured because you know what SD law says.

You are THE ULTIMATE example of a wannabe spin doctor.

The ONLY reason you are trying to write this totally fictional narrative, is because you (like us) think she will be Trump’s VP.

Your willingness to overlook the poor, and often abhorrent behavior of your God King, has always extended to those closest to him. Noem is no exception. I can only imagine if this was an incident involving Harris…
Even Evil Emporer Steve Bannon has expressed his negative opinions on her being possibly chosen as Trump’s running mate, and saying so on DJTJr’s show “Triggered.”

The truth is that Trump is rushing to finalize a running mate, so that person can represent Trump while he is going through actual legal processes.

Watching such uber right-wing extremists seem to conclude that Noem was not the ideal candidate, is quite telling.

If she is removed from the list of running mates for Trump, I foresee you suddenly dropping your support.

I’ve been saying this whole time, I think Trump will win. But, I have to say, his mediocre judgment may derail his return after all.
Especially if his supporters get behind people like Noem.

Other than you addressing the goat, I have another question;
If she’s dumb enough to have written and bragged about this, what other dirt will come out?

This is politics. I would say “she screwed the pooch.”
But. She shot the pooch, and then a goat. Drop this lady, and move on to the next one. Because, ot WILL be a lady.
They GOP needs to at least appear like they care about women…

And you can just stop the “if she was Biden’s VP talk, you know liberals wouldn’t stand for someone like her.
They dropped Al Frankin, with a quickness.
The democratic party sucks, for sure, but they aren’t pathetic like the GOP… They may have too many morals, but at least the left has morals.

canidmajor's avatar

She is being as much of an idiot on CBS This Morning right now, word salad galore!

jca2's avatar

@canidmajor Hopefully her 15 minutes of fame is over after this debacle.

chyna's avatar

@canidmajor Wow! I can’t believe how bad she is doing on that interview. She should have addressed that it was a misstatement and moved on. The way she approached it made her look like a bad liar.

canidmajor's avatar

She really doesn’t present well in person at all, I really hope she didn’t speak at all when she “met many world leaders”…if she actually did.

jca2's avatar

The bullshit that came out of her mouth about Kim Jong Un and she kept deflecting to her book, and how this is something that American needs, it was pathetic.

LadyMarissa's avatar

@Caravanfan She said she thought people would see her as being strong & able to make the tough decisions. Her staff begged her to NOT put it in the book but she refused to listen & did as she dayum well pleased. She also said that she hated that dog.

@filmfann I agree with you & I was raised on a farm. It has since been pointed out that when Commander bit several Secret Service people in the White House & Biden chose to rehome him in a home more suitable for his temperament, she responded that Biden screwed up & her way would be best for Commander.

jca2's avatar

Fox News interview where the interviewer goes at her, hard, and she gets pissed off at the end.

Also, I was listening to a radio show this morning where they pointed out that Noem tells Margaret Brennan that she wasn’t aware of the lie about Kim Jong Un making it into the book, however, she read the book for the audiobook version, so she had to have known what exactly was written in it. Hahahaha.

Here’s the Fox News video where she is now saying the dog was attacking people, and at the end she gets irate with the interviewer, Varney:

MrGrimm888's avatar

Ha ha!
Yes. She looked good and fucked up in the head, in the interview.
And honestly, everything I have come to know about Noem is eerily similar to other extreme idiots (ALMOST MTG-like,) and illustrates even further the disturbing trend that the GOP has been going through.

I hope they do run Noem.
Trump fired, threatened, or replaced all his previous clowns.
There was the small matter, of Trump’s previous VP almost being lynched…...
Trump’s lookin for a dumbass, JUST like her. Someone who will constantly run her mouth and say stupid/polarizing things to both promote Trump and draw attention away from his criminal matters.
She takes the bait when journalists give her rope to hang herself. And most importantly, repeats lies relentlessly, while spontaneously being both victim and strong arm, to Trump’s sheep…..

jca2's avatar

I would be very interested to hear (to know) what Trump thinks of her story about the dog and the goat, and the lie about Kim Jong Un.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^Do you really think he cares?

jca2's avatar

@MrGrimm888 I don’t know if he cares, but if he was considering having her as VP, I am curious what he thinks now.

elbanditoroso's avatar

@jca2 Noem’s stupidity isn’t going to win Trump any votes, and that’s what he cares about. He doesn’t care one whit about her personality. Just her ability to get votes.

Look at how he treated former VP Pence when they were in office.

jca2's avatar

@elbanditoroso No doubt. I just want to know what he thinks.

smudges's avatar

@jca2 I suspect he thinks she was right in doing it. “If that damned dog won’t obey me it doesn’t deserve to live! and goats are worthless anyway!”

He doesn’t care one whit about her personality.

He cares whether she’s young and got a rockin’ bod.

jca2's avatar

@smudges I definitely agree she knows he values women for their looks, which is why she’s trying her best to look hot. I think she looks like a botoxed zombie but that’s just my opinion.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^I don’t claim to understand the world of a female. But, she appears to be “trying” pretty hard to hold onto some sex appeal.
I think she pulls off the barter that used to be pretty and make lots of money, and now she works at the Legion flirting with drunk older men thing well.

I don’t believe this will hurt her appeal to Trump voters.

If I see Trump on stage with her, and she’s in an American flag bikini, with a gold cross necklace, and carrying a AR-15, I will NOT be surprised….....

jca2's avatar

Noem just ended her book tour early. Amazon shut down reviews of the book.

MrGrimm888's avatar

^I heard that people found her book to be less than factual.
I guess she made a habit of falsifying, or embellishing her relationships with world leaders.

Another example of why some people should just not talk.

Nobody hated Pence that much, but he never said or did anything. Especially in Trump’s shadow.

Trump wouldn’t be in as much trouble either, if he didn’t vomit lies, and meet scrutiny with anger.

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