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Apps on the Ipod Nano 6th gen?

Asked by shniernan (986points) September 28th, 2010

Real quick question here before I go. I REALLY REALLY like the design of the 6nth gen… The small square touch screen one, but I want apps on mine too. Not just games, like actual apps like on the Ipod touch…

Well this is a little embarassing but specifically this app. I also need to know how solitare would work on 6 gen… My friend wants to know…. I’m no good at solitare.

Anyways, thanks for any/all help… and remember… YOU’RE AWESOME. >.>

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The 6th gen iPod nano does not support games or anything else available from the App Store. It only handles “music, audiobooks, podcasts, photos, FM radio, pedometer, and Nike + iPod support”.

For a detailed explanation of everything the 6th gen iPod nano can do, check out the user’s guide (PDF, 13MB).

And if you’ll look on the left side panel of your desired app’s information page, you can see that it says it’s only compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Fortunately, the App Store will only allow you to purchase (or even see info about) the apps with which your current device is compatible with… so you needn’t worry too much about buying something on your iPhone that only works with the iPad.

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@robmandu – Wow… Lol thanks a lot!!!!!!!

I think I’ll get an ipod touch then… :( everyone i know has one, i just wanna be different.

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I would strongly advise you to avoid the 8GB model. I have no problems filling that much space with music alone, and throwing apps in there makes it worse. Spend the extra $70 to quadruple your storage. I don’t think the 64GB is worth the extra $100 on top of that though, but that is my opinion.

Now, if you really want to be different then there are alternatives, but the truth is that the iPod Touch is so popular for a reason; they are nice little machines. Most of the non-Apple things that can really compare are all Android smartphones though, and I don’t think you’re in a position to get locked into a 2-year service contract, so the iPod Touch is the only viable option if you want apps at all.

Yeah, it’d be cool if you could do more stuff on the Nano’s postage-stamp-sized screen, but realistically there isn’t much that can be done with a screen that small. That is part of why I prefer my Droid X over my old 2nd-gen iPod Touch; a 4.3” screen is better than a 3.5” screen.

Sometimes following the crowd isn’t a bad thing. Just get an iPod Touch and enjoy the App Store :)

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@jerv – I do like the droid’s but I don’t think I like them that much. I like to have my music and phone separate.

I was thinking more along the lines of a special edition ipod touch.

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Sadly, Apple is better at making stuff and then making people want it than they are about giving people what they want. Therefore, I doubt they will even offer the iPod Touch in colors like the Nano. On the plus side, the iPod Touch is cool enough that it doesn’t matter much that they all look the same.

I can understand wanting to keep your music and phone separate though. I sometimes worry that my habit of surfing the net or playing games may someday leave me with a dead phone miles away from a charger.

And who knows; maybe somebody will crack the Nano and let it run apps. Doubtful, but possible.

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@jerv – I don’t know if you know much about me, but you do pop up in many of my questions.

Definitely not a bad thing!! But I hate being the same as everyone else. So I am stuck with the design of awesomeness, but not much comes with it.

Or JARVIS and other epic apps, at the risk of joining in with literally nearly every person I know.


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We have a few similar interests, so it’s inevitable that we will cross paths a bit.

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@jerv – Yes I understand, I am in fact delighted in every question I see you in, as you got me started in this by answering my first question. Thanks again!

But I must say that, after my own research, I am astonished that Apple doesn’t have any special edition’s of the Ipod Touch…. Am I missing something?

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