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Battery saving advice for iphone 3g(S) running iOS4 ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4402points) July 1st, 2010

Right so my iphone 3g(S) running iOS4 seems to run out of batter very fast , OK I play the odd game here and there I also use WI-FI to look at emails and facebook . My screen brightness is pretty much all the way down , it goes into sleep after 1 minutes though i always press the button myself to lock it before then .

I know there are apps out there some free ( all include adverts ) and some paying for something like 59p to buy it , I don’t mind spending the 59p for a small app that could save me alot of time . But before buying said app i would like to know your battery saving advice and tips , even something as silly as don’t use the phone is welcome :P .
I think my standby time was 19 hours talk times was at around 2 hours and usage time was around 5 hours in total .
Do you experience the same issues , or have you experienced it in the past but found a way to stop it .?
Yes I do a full 100% charge yes I do drain the battery fully , as said above my brightness is already low . I have no wall paper or screen saver and i log out of everything and turn everything off after using it .

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3GS Is well knows for short battery life. Not much more you can do.

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If you are not using bluetooth, shut it off. Can you turn off GPS? That is also a hog.

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Assuming you have the option, turn off the 3G, and opt for the slower data stream that the original iPhone uses (in the US it’s called the EDGE network). Web sites will load much slower, but it will make a significant difference in battery duration. Go to Settings—> General—> Network—> and set “Enable 3G” to “Off”. The phone should automatically pick up the slower network.

To compensate for the slow load times, use the Opera Mini browser, which is found in the app store. The browser only has two options for zooming in on a page, but pages in general load much faster because the Opera Mini browser loads them differently.

If you’re always connected to WiFi, that will also cause a drain, of course. Same with Bluetooth.

Airplane mode will also save—probablythe most of anything, but you won’t be able to receive calls, of course.

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Bluetooth is never on , WiFi only goes on when I need it then right off again . I never really use 3G , if anything is used internet wise I use WiFi .

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