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Anyone had any experiences with SystemsProtect?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) September 30th, 2010

Since I retired, I am hoping to avoid any forseeable problems with the eletrical items in my home. For $383.00 a year, everything electrical is covered, after a $75.00 fee for each service call. This plan also includes replacing non-repairable items, like my central heat and air and kitchen appliances, for the same annual price. SystemsProtect is a national company thats been around for a long time. Question: Are you familiar with this company? If so, any personal experiences you have encountered with them would be greatly appreciated.

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I just followed this question because I’d love to have insurance on all my appliances, but I, too, suspect that such things are scams. I once bought the repair policy for over $2000 on a new car, but then every time I took the car in for repair, the type of repair wasn’t covered. That’s why I’m very skeptical of these kinds of policies.

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