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Where can I buy a fan for a Nvidia Geforce 7300 GS?

Asked by dotlin (419points) October 2nd, 2010


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If you are talking about buying an external fan to go along with the card, anything will work (depending on the type of tower/case you have.) If you are talking about replacing the fan that is built into the card, you can attach the Zalman vf1000 fan to the card & it will work just the same. Honestly, the best thing to do, because the GeForce 7300 is a relatively cheap card, you would be better off replacing the entire card with the same or newer model.

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Frankly I’d rather see you toss out the 7300GS and buy a new card instead. You can get an inexpensive contemporary card for not much more than what a fan would cost and it will have about four times the performance of this old card. For example, the Sapphire Radeon HD4350, which will cost you just $24.99 after rebate and doesn’t even need a fan.
But if you must go the fan route, the simplest to add is a slot fan which you can install next to the video card:–106-083-Product

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I agree with @marymaryquitecontrary . Your card is really a piece of trash and it would be best to go buy a better model. The fan may actually end up being more expensive than the card.

Is there any particular reason why you can’t upgrade?

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Yes I don’t have much money.

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This card is only $9.99 after rebate, definitely cheaper than most fans, and twice as fast as your 7300gs

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what is rebate?

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You pay $34.99, and after you buy it, you fill out a form and send it with proof of purchase and you get $25 back, so you end up paying only $9.99

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