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What are a few halloween costumes that will be "original" for 2010?

Asked by caly420 (540points) October 3rd, 2010

As Halloween season is approaching (quite possibly one of my favorite holidays!!) I’m trying to think of an original costume for this season. Two years ago I was “Where’s Waldo” and part of the Jamaican bobsled team with a few others, last year I was Lady Gaga (I’m willing to bet I’ll see her everywhere this october, so no way).

So far some of the ideas I’ve come up with for this year are:
*a polygamist wife (blue, up to neck dress, bouffant’s hair, white apron
*a Thanksgiving pilgrim/indian
*dead yuppie or dead bridesmaid (bridesmaid only if I can get more than one girl to do it with me)
*Bristol Palin (Dancing w/ Stars attire and some sort of attention wh@@e nametag)
*Sue Syllvester

Any other ideas? What are you dressing as this halloween?

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I am so doing it up! I got a $700 wedding dress at a thrift store last January for $40, and OH the things my daughter and I have done to it. Basically, it will look like I was thrown out of the moving limo on fire. Got me an old dress dummy at the Goodwill a few weeks ago, got a cheap black suitcoat and white button down for it, attaching it to a plastic chain around my ankle, and a bucket of fake blood. Pics to follow for sure.

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geez, you guys are so creative! I’m jealous (:
I stopped dressing up like two years agooo

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I tend to dress up like the grim reaper and play black jack with the kids for candy.

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Zombie Jesus.
Wait, no. That has been done to death and back.

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My daughter is going to be a pumpkin. We are going to be farmers. How is that for original?

In all seriousness though here are some original ideas:

1. Cheating wife: “Women can wear a skirt with the back tucked into pantyhose; hair messed up, make-up smeared and bra on the outside of shirt.”

2. Horror Movie Victim: “Mess up your hair, smear fake blood on clothes and face, and tear clothes so they are ragged. Walk around looking real paranoid and scream a lot.”

3. Perfume Sales Girl: “Dress in really nice clothes and lots of makeup. Carry around many samples of perfume and squirt people all night long.”

4. Little Dead Riding Hood: “Wear the usual Little Red Riding Hood Costume and then use fake scars, wounds and blood to make it look like the Big Bad Wolf got you. Don’t forget your basket!!”

5. Devil Disguised as an Angel: “Dress up like an angel with a white dress and wings. Wear a devil’s tail so that it comes out from under the back of the dress. Wear some small horns on your head.”

Since I gave you some neat ideas please consider not being an “Indian”. It is in poor cultural taste. I say this as a Native person.

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I’m gonna be a gothic/zombie Raggedy Ann and my husband is going to be Andy. I know it’s been done before, but I don’t think I’ve seen it with a scary twist. :)

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