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creative halloween costumes?

Asked by dee6541 (57points) October 26th, 2007

in the past i’ve been joan jett and a member of Spinal Tap (Christopher Guest movie…). i’d like to be something original and obscure-but-not-too-obscure again this year, but i haven’t come up with anything fantastic yet. ideas?

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Any character from The Princess Bride is always great. I am a fan of obscure/abstract costumes, like going as a phylogenetic tree of a particular animal clade…but that’s just me. If you have friends that are willing to commit to a group costume, I suggest going as Jem and the Holograms, or possibly Voltron. Or anything else from my childhood (early 80s TV shows).

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Joan of Arc, Devo, Barbara Felton (99) of the Get Smart tv show. I’d like to create a costume including a little acting part for one of these.

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an emo kid!
i did that one year
people looked at me funny for a second
the two most common guesses were “a gay boy” (from my friends only… i was wearing girl’s pants-not the most comfortable, but get the emo look) and “someone who’s about to go on a killing spree” (from a lot of random people- i was wearing all black, had my eyes covered mostly by a swoop of hair, and had a trenchcoat)

unless you’re a girl… i dont know what emo girls wear.

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update: i went as a french beatnik the first night, the second night i went as a desert version of barbarella.

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not so much creative as a complete idiot’s last minute resort… i went as a ‘mystic priest’ (improvised name) to my friend’s fancy dress thing, which was me in a clown decorated duvet with a purple tinsel wig, eith a belt of rope, spanners, train tickets, fake guns, beer cans etc etc… it was awful, but there was only 10 minutes to think of something…
doubt that would have helped

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you should be a hobo.

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