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How about a section on fluther for absurd questions?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) October 6th, 2010

General, social, just for you, meta and absurd.

Sometimes I have questions such as “where are all the gay klingons?” and find my self going to other sites to ask them as they are too silly even for the social section.

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I think you are self-censoring. I think you can ask most anything in Social.

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Do it in social. It’ll stay (I’m sure).

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Uhm, I in fact DEMAND that you ask that question in social. It’s important.

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If we can’t ask them under current rules, then yes, I support this idea.

I’m afraid all the gay Klingons were shipped out to the set of Glee

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But would people want to answer questions that are labeled “absurd” in the first place. There are crazy questions in Social. Just do it

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@Aesthetic_Mess I would love to answer questions that in the Absurd section. I’d be fun!

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I like the idea of a section for people that like pizza.

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Can we put all of the “What does it mean if I dreamed about my crush?” questions in it?

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How about a selection labeled… “Donkey”

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What’s so absurd about gay Klingons?

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Good idea… A Gay Klingon section.

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Eh, then people would just start asking forced absurd questions. It would get dumb. Also, I’ one who thinks there’re too many sections already.

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Oh Christ, I would have a flippin’ field day.

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What I don’t get is why don’t fun loving people just go to the sites where that sort of thing is the norm, and truly appreciated?

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@YARNLADY because the not-so-educated masses there won’t understand our jokes.

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I like the absurd and am fine with them going into ‘Social’.

I’m still petitioning for a Red Tide category that can be customized by individual so that the topics you have zero interest in automatically move into that category. For example, @syz can attach the tag for ‘Dream’ to that grouping and can always check it, but only if out of sheer boredom.

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