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How tall do you think I will be?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 6th, 2010

My dad is 6’5”, while my mom is 5’4”-5’5”. I am a boy, but both of my sisters are almost 6 ft tall, maybe even exactly 6 ft. But I am short for my age, so did I just not hit my growth spurt or what?

(I tried online height predictors but they all said I would be 5’11”, which I don’t know is inaccurate or not…)

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How old are you? Some boys shoot up late, compared to girls…

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Oh, you have a ways to go. I’ve known young men to have growth spurts as old as 17 or 18 and gain 3 or four inches a year.

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Supposedly if you multiply by 2 how tall you were at the age of 2 you will get a good estimate of your adult height. Studies show that you reach 40% of your full adult height by the time you are two years old. Worth a shot.

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And, as far as online predictors go, they really can’t give you any accurate information.

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And, well, my dad told me that his friends were taller than him in high school, but then when he got into college he grew a lot more.

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There are other things besides your parents’ height that can factor into how tall you will be, like nutrition and health. Anything besides waiting until you are an adult is just a guess.

Our former pediatrician (only because we moved, not because we didn’t like him!) had a rather unique way of predicting height. He used an average of the parents’ adult measurements adjusted for sex. So, your predicted adult height would be halfway between your dad’s height and your mom’s height if she’d been male: six inches taller than she is now. The math would look something like this:

6’5” + (5’4” + 6”) = 12’ 3”

12’ 3” / 2 = 6’ 1.5”

Your estimated adult height would be 6 feet, 1.5 inches.

For your sisters, the estimate would be the average of your mom’s height and your dad’s height if he’d been female: six inches shorter.

So clearly it’s flawed, because your sisters would be expected to be only a couple of inches taller than your mom. However, we tried out this formula on ourselves and our siblings and found it to be very accurate. My brother and I are both exactly the height the doctor’s formula would have predicted. So are my husband and his sister.

Sad news for our kids, because they’ll be short. :) Anyway, I’d guess that if your sisters are taller than expected, you probably will be too. I’m sure you’ll hit a growth spurt soon and go through 6 pairs of shoes in one year, just like my baby brother did. He’s six foot four.

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6’3 That is a guess.

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I’m 19 and the world is still shrinking around me, it’s a wonder I don’t have claustrofobia yet.

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If it helps (and I know it doesn’t)...

My father is 6’.
My mother is 5’10.
My younger brother is 5’11.
My younger sister is 5’9.

I’m 5 feet tall. Maybe 5’1, if I stand up really straight.

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Your mom is average height for a woman. Average height for a man is somewhere around 5’9”, so unless you’ve got short grandparents, you’ll probably hit 5’9”, at least. Do you take after one of your parents more than the other?

@MissAusten by that pediatrician’s formula, I should have another inch on me. Although, I could still grow; after years of being 5’2”, I grew an inch sometime in my early twenties. I love being short though, so I hope I don’t meet up with the formula down the line.

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All guesses would be wild. You never know. One of my good friends hit a growth spurt around when he turned 20 and grew a few inches! Weird! So you never know. My oldest brother is a foot taller than me and my other brother, while my parents are both average height. Who knows.

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My dad was 5’10” and my mom is 5’6” and I’m 6’4”...go figure! Also, I’m the only male on both sides of the family that is over 6’! Mailman?

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I have three daughters. My side of the family runs very tall, and their dad’s side runs very short. One of my daughters is an amazon, and the other two are quite petite. There is truly no way to know, and all estimates (even from a doctor) can be wrong in the end. My advice is just to not worry about it. You’ll be as tall as you end up being, and that will be just perfect for you. :)

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@BoBo1946 lol.
My mother’s side of the family is relatively short, maybe average height. The women run from 5’-5’4”, the men probably max out at 5’10”. My father’s side of the family is about the same, but he is 6’ (my mother is 5’3”) Somehow out of that mix I came to be 5’9”, which isn’t exceptional.. but I am the tallest girl in the family. My youngest sister is just over 5’1”, so I tower over her like some kind of ogre. I’ve been asked several times if she is my daughter… which is a little distressing since I’m only 10 years older than her. ha.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Nef it’s hard to figure. Your height is just right.

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@BoBo1946 Growth is as much if not more a nutritional issue as it is a genetic one.
You could just be the only one in your family that doesn’t like salt, or you ate a cow a day growing up?

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LOLL…of my gosh, love it. Hey @Zyx, my grandmother would often say, “I’m cooking a chicken for us and one for BoBo!” My appetite has always been good.

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@BoBo1946 Maybe we’re both the Mailman’s. That mailman’s a man-whore.

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I’m too short for family. Busy mailman!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Loll… could be, only the shadow knows!

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