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Top 3 books on how to brand?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) October 6th, 2010

I would like your suggestions for 3 books to read to get a crash course in ‘branding’ (just finished Brandsimple, which I found to be a great primer). This is part of a long term project to assist a service sector small business delineate their branding strategy (at this time there is no budget for a consulting firm to do it for them). Thank you.
PS If you have a website you recommend as per above, share it please.

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I just started a book called CRUSH IT! It was so exciting I gave it
to my neighbor the same day I bought it. It’s dynamite. Try that.

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website; Marketing Doctor of America contains streaming video lectures and book on branding by Dr. John Tantillo. Good luck.

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Read any books which teach you about “Taking pride in what you do”, “Doing the Right thing”, & finally, “Time & Patience”.
that’s the quickest and surefire way of building a ‘brand’ for your business!
Best of luck, and oh, don’t forget to listen to your customers….

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