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How do you know the positive feelings of a guy that loves you?

Asked by khemmy (33points) October 8th, 2010

If you are in a relationship with a guy,as a lady,what are the signs that will make you feel you should put more to the relationship?

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what are the signs that will make you feel you should put more to the relationship?

When you can’t get enough of the person.

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Everyone is different.
I believe you will just FEEL it.

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If he’s the one who’s constantly picking a fight, finding excuses for not hanging out with you or even apologizing for things you’re sure you messed up with, it can mean one of two things, he’s given up on the relationship or he’s not bothered anymore. This may seem like the same thing, but its not..

A guy typically has a much lower self worth level than a girl (not to be confused with self-esteem). He is more easily affronted and takes offence just as easily. You need to praise him for the little things regularly and to give him his space.

Seems like a long list of things to do right ? But in return, he’ll love you like no one else ever has. He’ll shower you with gifts and make you feel like you’re the one woman in the world. There’s a whole lot of surprises in stored for you if a guy who truly love and appreciates you feels right just being with you. Good Luck :)

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Even if he is not good at telling you he loves you, he will show you with his actions.

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Actions often speak louder than words. People will often show us how they really feel, even when they can’t tell us properly.

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When his actions match his words.

When my trust of him is a thing he respects, honors, treasures and promotes.

Love with good intentions isn’t as sweet as love with follow through and someone who consistently fuck ups and apologizes only once their actions are discovered is someone who isn’t interested in real love as much as they just don’t want to be alone. There are people out there who want your love, comittment and loyalty for themselves but they don’t intend to give you the same in return.

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Firstly, you can’t feel anything by signs. You either do, or don’t feel.
What do you feel?
Do you feel you should put more into the relationship? do you feel you want to?
do you feel he does?

That’s how you feel. Signs vary and diffrent people have diffrent ways of expressing their intentions, misinterpertation is common and can lead to unnecessary breakups or getogethers.
What are the “signs” that make you doubt? and what do you think – are they fears and silly attempts to over-interpret? or real gut feelings? what do you assume?

You are seeking for signs, but you are the only one who has the true answer. Take a few moments to answer these questions and see that you already know all that you need.

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