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How will we treasure these last 35 minutes together before we're separated by the powers that be?

Asked by iamthemob (17159points) October 8th, 2010

Any ideas?

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Oh, I wanted to ask this same question. You worded it so well. Thank you.

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We will hold each other and be one with whatever exists.

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@YARNLADY yeah, I got game. ;-)

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Ha! I am such an addict!

Even though it is likely I would not be logged on anyway just knowing Fluther is down makes me want to click…

Like touching the wall that has a “wet paint” sign.

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How ‘bout we hold hands and sing Kum by yah?
(Treasure, schmeasure)

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@Trillian – somehow, when spelled that way, it looks dirty.

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Poo. You’re right. How nice of you to point that out. ;-)
That is how it’s spelled though. I think.

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@Trillian I’m right along with you.

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@Trillian No, it’s Cum hahahaha.

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I’m going to argue with myself about religion and gender semantics…once I get started I might not make it back to the site for over a week! No cheering, please.

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Ooooooh nooooo, 18 minutes left.

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The new changes are so NICE!

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@FutureMemory I would miss you very much! Be sure to agree to disagree and come back in the morning. :)

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@Dog Thank you for the ray of hope. I am afraid of change, but I trust the Fluther Gods.

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It is really much easier and nicer Yarnlady! Simple!

FUTURE- I saw you in tidepool help. The answer is 3–5 hours.

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Okay- things went so well we were up in 2 hours. :D
YAY Tim, Andrew, Ben, Cameron and Richard!

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What do you guys think? I ran into zero problems unlike the last change and it went fast!

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How is everyone? Anyone get left behind? I missed you all so much Count yourselves off, let us make sure everyone found their way back… One!

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I didn’t even notice anything happened until I looked at my profile. It’s nice, I like it.

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Thank God I wasn’t signed on when the site went down. It always makes me so anxious!
I logged on just about 20 minutes before we were back up, and spent at least half that time testing the site to make sure it was ready to go ‘live’, so no massive anxiety for me this time. :D

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* * * Y A Y * * *

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The upgrade fixed one of my pet peeves! Now, when I make a comment, it doesn’t throw me back to the top of the page! That was so annoying!

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Yeah man, I’m sure not being able to come on Fluther is worse than being in federal prison lol.

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